Palma Cathedral's 'Espectaculo del Ocho'

If you go down to Palma’s Cathedral on the 11th November or 2nd February (to be precise), you’ll be in for a treat. Every year, on these two days (February's Candelaria Fiesta and November's San Martin Fiesta) at 8am, what you will see is not magic, or a happy coincidence, the mathematicians knew exactly what they were doing when they designed La Seu, which is oriented towards the west.

Catching the sunrise of the winter solstice, the light shines through the rosette window casting its light and colour just below the principal rosette window, located directly opposite. The result is the Espectaculo del Ocho, a magnificent play of colours and a unique spectacle that is worth making the trip for. Once it’s over, pop along to TOTN favourite, Can Joan de Saigo for Chocolate and Ensaimada and get shopping.