Dionís Bennàssar - 50 Years After

It’s really no surprise that the beautiful landscapes of the Tramuntana Mountains and the seascapes of Cala Sant Vicente, Formentor and Puerto Pollensa should be such an inspiration to painters around the world. Indeed, artists have moved to Mallorca since the beginning of the 20th century. Writers and poets from Kingsley Amis to Jorge Luis Borges and Robert Graves spent time here and artists such as Joan Miro and Coll Bardolet lived here. More locally though is the Pollensa School of Painting with its own world famous artists.
Anglada Camarasa was one of the first international artists to be drawn by the North’s dramatic landscape. He moved here from Paris in 1914 bringing his brilliant pupil, Tito Cittadini, with him. Together they created the Pollensa School of Painting and Pollensa-born painter, Dionis Bennassar later joined them. 

Bennassar was born in the town in 1904, from an early age his talent for drawing was clear. Working by day as a mechanic he went to Palma for art classes but he broke free from the classicism that dominated and developed his own concepts. With his determination to be a successful painter, in time, he dedicated his life to his art and focused on the beautiful surroundings of his hometown. 

“With his brushes, he brought a new dimension to Mallorcan painting characterized by a grandiose vision of nature, vibrant colours and long and free brushstrokes.” His exhibition in Palma followed by positive reviews consolidated his career and he was able to buy a house and live as a professional artist. “Dionís Bennàssar displayed his great mastery in his numerous exhibitions. He was one of the best landscape painters, opened up a new pathway in the language of painting, and as a drawer and caricaturist he showed a quick and certain sense of perception.” After his sudden death in December 1967, several tributes were paid to him from across Spain and in 1981 he became and Illustrious Son of Pollensa. 

Now you can see his major works in the exhibition Dionís Bennàssar 50 Anys Després (marking 50 years since his death) at the Esglesia del Convent de Sant Domingo until 18th June. The exhibition is open from 10.30-2pm and 5-9pm.

Quotes from the article by Gudi Moragues Jaulin Du Seutre on www.museudionisbennassar.com.