Jardines de Alfabia


You’ll find the Jardines de Alfabia just before the tunnel to Soller. An unassuming entrance, there’s no sense of the space you are about to find. With our €5 Mallorca-resident tickets in hand, we head up the steps where there is a typical patio of the Mallorcan ‘Posessions’.  At the end is the garden’s emblematic pergola with its water fountains. Built at the beginning of the 18th century, the water jets cross each other, creating a watery walkway to run around in. It’s great for the kids to cool off in and it will reward you with an extra half hour without the inevitable moans and groans.  

Down some steps, the gardens continue with hundreds of mature palms, olives and more tropical plants. Alongside the lilly pond, there is a wide array of Palm trees and garballons – a protected plant found in Mallorca. It is in this full yet organised garden space you will find a clearing that is used for functions. Needless to say, this is a stunning wedding location. 

The house features a beautiful mix of Arabic, gothic and renaissance styles, Baroque, Roman and even English style. Everywhere are hints of its Arab residents; the coffered ceiling, with inlays forming beautiful and typical arabesques, features the coats-of-arms of the Arabic families who lived on the estate. Next to those of the Moor Ben-Abet of the 13th century, the bars of the Kingdom of Aragon are superimposed. In the frieze reads “Allah is great. Allah’s is the power. There is no other God but Allah”. The mix of interior is testament to how the house of Alfabia has made the passage of time, “it is a model for respect of the past and evolution, of conservation and innovation.”

Once you’ve enjoyed the gardens and taken in all the buildings (stables and oil press as well), head back to the carpark but stop for lunch at the restaurant where you will find a great menu for the whole family. 

For more information, visit www. jardinesdealfabia.com