Sant Antoni's in Sa Pobla


Sant Antoni’s is celebrated in villages across Mallorca but none more so than in Sa Pobla, where the big man himself — Sant Antoni — is the town’s Patron Saint. The huge celebrations date back to 1365. These days, on the eve of Sant Antoni’s, there are over 100 bonfires around the town and the residents dance with the Demonis, Gegantes and Caparrots until the early hours.  

Part of the fiesta falls to the Clamater, the elected town crier who will complete the Sant Antoni Mass with a vehement and symbolic cry of ‘Visca Sant Antoni’ that stirs the collective feeling of Poblers towards their most loved annual party. The idea of having a ‘Clamater’ was introduced in 2003 by the late Alexandre Ballester. It refers to the time when the Poblers refused to deliver all the donations given in tribute to Sant Antoni to the friars. Having won the argument, at the end of the Mass of Completes of the year 1643, the poblers erupted in applause, whistles and cries of Visca Sant Antoni!