Restaurante Jardin: a slice of luxury

Smack bang in the middle of Puerto Alcudia’s tourist spot is not the most expected location for a fine dining, Michelin-starred restaurant. But sure enough, El Jardin reaches into the sky, towering above its partner, Danny’s Gastro Bar, defiant in its luxurious charm. It’s not apparent what lies within, so the pale and slick interior is an immediate pull as you leave the souvenirs, beach toys and the straw hats outside and step into a little luxury. Not that this isn’t ‘Alcudia’; Chef Maca de Castro is an Alcudian and has worked in some of the best kitchens in the world including, El Bulli, Relais de la Poste and Arzak. Sure enough, the experience counts, and Jardin has been awarded with its very own Michelin star. 

The food is elegant and understated, thoughtful and yet not ostentatious despite the complicated techniques and skill on display. When you arrive you are given a shopping list rather than a menu, which gives an idea of the story that the restaurant wants to tell. Local produce, culture and terroir are reflected in the cuisine and the restaurant itself. Service is simple, friendly and unobtrusive. 

This may be higher than you’d normally spend in a local restaurant but compared to restaurants of a similar calibre in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or London, Restaurante Jardin is remarkably good value.