Argos Restaurant, Puerto Pollensa

published in TOTN in August 2015

Opened in summer 2015, La Goleta is the boutique hotel that Puerto Pollensa has been waiting for. Modern, new, high end and no kids, it’s ideal for a weekend getaway for young professionals or discerning retirees. So, of course the hotel needs a restaurant to go with it.  Argos is the answer. Once all the jokes (Do you have it in stock? Can I keep the tiny pen?) have subsided, this elegant restaurant will delight in every sense.

The setting is casual, open air, and offers great sea-breezy views. Once the food has arrived, the interesting crockery and somewhat heavy stoneware will certainly grab your attention.  
As for the food, it is considered, progressive, modern yet understated and very accessible. Indeed Chef Álvaro Salazar has been awarded some critical acclaim and was one of San Pellegrino’s Young Chefs of 2015 in the Spain/Portugal region.  He has brought his skills to this new venture and we’re very pleased he has.

This is an elegant restaurant with food of excellent calibre at a very affordable price; Argos is a superb addition to the dining scene in Puerto Pollensa.