A Peek at Can Axartell

After all the fun of the fira del vi, the story that excited us most was the newest wine development here in the north, Can Axartell located along the Cami Vell de Pollensa. Bought by the Schwarzkopfs (yes, the hair people), the estate originally came with permits to build a hotel and apartments. Not particularly keen, Herr Schwarzkopf decided on a more eco-project and one that he is passionate about, wine. The resulting bodega and renovated casa rural (which was in ruins) is a stunning piece of architecture. The bodega was built in an old quarry, a hole in the ground perfect for storing wine and for looking good while it does so. High, cavernous and with spectacular rocky backdrops all around, Can Axartell is impressive. 

The Winemaking
The winemakers love what they do and they make their wine with a gentle and organic approach. The ‘Metode Gravetat’ means no pumps are used, in fact there is very little machinery at all. Widely used in modern high end wineries this method is not that common in Spain, less so in Mallorca, certainly not to the extent that Can Axartell uses it. Pumps and machinery inevitably effect the grape that ends up in the bottle. By using gravity the grape literally falls through the process and into the bottle. The resulting wine is in the purest possible state. 

The Wines
In general, Can Axartell makes one white, one rose and two red wines each vintage. Some years there could be others, depending on the harvest. The wines are made with various combinations of Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir and the indigenous grape Callet in the reds. Manto Negro and Pinot Noir for the rose and Premsal Blanc for the whites. Indigenous grapes play an important role. The south facing vines are in constant sunshine and, sitting in the valley of the Tramuntana mountains, they enjoy the seabreeze which gives Can Axartell wines a distinctive quality that are well worth a try. 

Still a little-known bodega, with wine tours not yet available to the public (visits will be possible soon), this is the North’s best-kept secret. 

Can Axartell wines are available in all local wine shops and restaurants.