Wine Notes: Gallinas & Focas

Gallinas & Focas, 2011, Made by 4Kilos for the Amadip Esment Foundation

Gallina i Focas.jpeg

Varieties: 80% Manto Negre, 20% Syrah
Alcohol: 14% vol.
Price: around €20, available at Vera (Pollensa) or at the Amadip Esment restaurant in Palma

TOTN Tasting Notes: The nose is a wonderul mix of Provencal notes and a dry earthiness that tells you that these grapes come from somewhere warm. The colour is not so dense as some of the other wines in their range but the palate certainly has the fruit and chewy character that you come to associate with Vinicole 4 Kilos. Well made, with a real sense of place, and for a good cause - what’s not to like?

Amadip Esment is an organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families who want to enjoy and improve their quality of life, ensuring they have the same opportunities as everyone else. Amadip Esment members were actively involved in the winemaking process with the 4 Kilos team.
The name Gallinas & Focas came about after a brainstorming session with amadip.esment members. When asked why they had chosen that name, the answer was clear: “the chickens are fun and seals clap”. At the same time the team were asked to draw the chickens and seals, subsequently these drawings would serve as the distinctive label.

Featured in TOTN 17.7.14