Fig Story

If you enjoy a fig or two, then you might want to learn more about Son Mut Nou, the experimental farm in Llucmajor. Owner Montserrat Pons Boscana tends to the 1,600+ trees (with help presumably) to bring the 367 different varieties of figs to the table in various guises. A pharmacist by trade and a keen botanist on the side, figs have now become his livelihood. 

The island has a long history with this glorious fruit and with 251 indigenous varieties, it is no surprise that Mallorca was once the biggest fig producer in the world. That was nearly 100 years ago. Now, as tourism has taken hold and agriculture has slowed down, Mallorca ranks 27th in the world. But Montserrat Pons Boscana is working hard to get Mallorca back firmly on the map.

2017 has been a particularly good year for figs with little rain and high temperatures and maturation has been far earlier than normal. At the beginning of the month, figs on Son Mut Nou were already picked ready for sale and drying for dried figs, fig bread and fig coffee already underway. Open days are regularly held at the farm. Contact them at