Gin of the Week

Monkey 47.jpeg

It won’t have gone unnoticed that gin is somewhat en vogue. Gone are the days with the choice of either a Beefeater or Gordon’s. Now, no self-respecting bar will have less than a dozen gins from all corners of the world all with a reassuring artisanal touch of being distilled in ‘batch’. One of the pioneers that pushed the market forward (and prices upwards) was Monkey 47, hailing from the Black Forest in Bavaria. The ‘47’ derives from the 47 botanicals used in the blend and the 47 % alcohol level it’s diluted to. Stylistically the gin has notes of cranberries, wood, a little citrus but also grassy. The question asked though with the premium price, ‘ it worth it?’. In my mind undoubtedly yes. This isn’t a gin to smother with tonic, but a dash will do or better still use it to make a martini or a strong negroni. You can certainly pick out the nuances and it adds a distinctive edge to your evening tipple. 

Available in all good Wine & Spirits stores, we bought at El Corte Ingles for around €40.