Joan Marc Restaurant

Located in a square just off the centre of Inca the Joan Marc Restaurant is modern, stylish and urban cool. This little gourmet surprise offers a new style of Mallorcan cuisine with a menu that focuses on fresh, simple food that is full of flavour.

Guests are greeted by friendly staff and the warm ambience is inviting, the aperitif welcome. For the nominated driver, homemade ginger Lemonade is a spectacular option. Contemplating the tasting menu, it is available in varying quantities (4, 6 or 8 plates) and we opted for the full shebang – hungry and curious that we were.

Starting with the galetes de Xeixa with local cheese and jamon, this was our first taste of the restaurant’s hallmark. Xeixa is an ancient grain, native to Mallorca (the village of Ruberts to be exact) and reinvigorated by the restaurant. A grain that has not been genetically modified, it has less starch and is therefore much more digestible, it contributes to a mighty fine bread and galete (or cracker). In fact the galetes are made with a mix of the Xeixa cereal, local olive oil and butter. It has Mallorcan cuisine all over it.

Local products play an integral part to the Chef’s menu at Joan Marc. The team make a point of using various local farmers, local organic cheese, local suckling pigs, local lambs, everything within a close proximity to the restaurant. The concept 0km is certainly not lost. Chef Joan Marc has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, so the adventurous yet homely, different yet comforting food is in good hands. He also ran the kitchen at Son Brull for 8 years, he knows the north well, and he now happily calls his home, the Joan Marc Restaurant in Inca.

Plaza del Blanquer 10, 07300 Inca
Reservations: 971 500 804