Aperitif of the Week, Vermut Lustau


It’s only a matter of time before gin becomes passé and the fashionistas move onto the next big thing. Perhaps the shift has already changed and the zeitgeist is already tapping at the window of ‘Vermut’ or vermouths as they are more commonly known. It seems that this aperitif is easy to understand and delicious to drink. Take a wine glass. Add 5 or 6 cubes of ice. A slice of lemon or orange and pour a few generous measures of vermut. Regular readers will know that we love anything that comes out of the bodega of ‘Lustau’ in the Jerez region. Their fino sherries through to their sticky PX are simply delicious and very affordably priced in a competitive market. Their Sherry based ‘Vermut’ is equally good value. The nose itself has sweet notes of confit fruit, cola and orange rind. The palate is much the same plus lemon oil, enough bitterness and perfectly poised volatile acidity to keep it from being cloying. Delicious and a nice change from the usual aperitif’s. 

Price around €13.21 from El Corte Ingles