Paella at Home


Long term clients and fans of Pollensa’s Clivia restaurant, which is now up for sale, will remember Luis Garcia’s warm welcome and attentive service. After many years of running the restaurant, he is now stepping outside for a change of scene and right into people’s homes. He is offering a paella demonstration evening for groups of diners, where he cooks the paella from start to finish with a full explanation, while guests first gather to listen with a pre-dinner drink and then enjoy starters while the rice simmers. 

He explains how to make a good stock, the best rice to use and the order in which to put the prepared ingredients into the paella pan. Devotees will know that cooking a paella has an individual style and no two methods are the same. Luis’ mixed paella is full of shell fish, chicken and pork and is rich and highly flavoured with finely chopped onion, pepper and tomato as well as previously roasted peppers all in the mix. He explains that the paella should not sit too thickly in the pan and how to control the heat.

Luis will offer a menu to suit your party with the paella as the star of the show. In our case he catered for 9 people and provided everything for a three course dinner. There was a mixed starter of the best gazpacho we had ever tasted, trampo and ham and melon parcels. After the paella, he served a baked alaska, straight from the oven and flambéed at the table. He is entertaining and huge fun as well as knowing his stuff and even leaves a clean kitchen. Contact him on
699 843 083.

text contributed by Rosemary Komaromy