Treat Yourself! Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Healing may not be the obvious choice if you’re feeling under the weather. However, even if cynicism or self-consciousness is holding you back, this could be exactly what you need. 


Working with the meridian lines in the body, this approach is nothing new. The meridians are at the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient method that continues to this day, and it’s no wonder that they form the basis to all kinds of healing including massage, acupuncture and Bio Energy healing. 

My session began uncertain of what I needed healing. But once relaxed and in my sacred place (beach, sea, eyes closed with sun on face, that kind of thing) the sensation of these healing hands was quite clear. While it is different for everyone, I felt warmth but I also felt like there were magnets along the top of my head gently drawing what I discover, at the end of the session, was stale energy. The result was a general feeling of lightness, I felt totally relaxed.  

The great surprise, though, in our post-session chat was the healer knowing what was weighing me down, and I hadn’t mentioned anything. She was bang on. Fortunately for me, the prognosis is good, it just means going to bed earlier and looking after myself. 


Bio Energy healing is great for those suffering with depression and/or anxiety. For those with more serious physical ailments, Bio Energy healing is no promise of a miraculous recovery. What it does mean is that you will get help to ground your self and help in accepting whatever is happening. Sometimes this is just enough to make yourself better. Healing energy is a powerful thing and our bodies are full of the stuff. 

Whatever your feelings about complementary therapies, I would urge you to be open minded and give this a go. Roisin is thoroughly trained healer with qualifications and experience in all kinds of therapies from essential oils to reiki, she has settled with Bio Energy as for her it is the most powerful. What’s more, with over 20 years counselling experience, the healing comes with a listening ear that has compassion, understanding and discretion as a strong foundation. 

Sessions are €30 for 60-90 minutes. To make an appointment call 636 417 243 or email