Your Home Over the Winter

A Property of the North Special!

As it gets colder and damper – at least on some days – we asked PFP Property Management about how houses should be prepared for being closed up over the winter months.

What do you need to be careful of when you leave the house for a damp cold winter?
At PFP we ensure that there is always ventilation throughout our management properties. Often people leave windows slightly ajar. However we have greater success in fitting trickle vents. These simple vents are fitted to window frames which allows air to circulate throughout the property. They are both aesthetically pleasing and hugely effective. For properties with central heating we recommend that the heating is run automatically for one hour early morning, one hour early evening and then a further hour in middle of the night. An ambient temperature of 24°C isn’t expensive to run and keeps the house moderate throughout. Just putting the heating up to the maximum upon arrival doesn’t do the same job and causes condensation.

How do you deal with damp?
Damp is one thing condensation is another. It is very difficult to deal with rising damp given our climate and the building specs of older houses.
Condensation which is often confused with damp can be avoided by the above and during our weekly visits on a bright winter’s day we would open non-security risk windows in the morning and then return at around 3.30pm to close up so that the house gets a good airing whenever possible.
In bad cases we fit dehumidifiers with exit pipes rather than tanks and drain them into shower trays, giving maximum opportunity to rid any humidity.

How can you prevent it in the first place?
Apart from ensuring that under floor water tanks are well lined and regularly inspected, it’s all about effective management, which mean weekly visits, and more in extreme weather conditions.

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