Feng Shui & Your Home

Susanne Rodemann of Kensington Properties, a qualified Feng Shui Expert

Susanne Rodemann of Kensington Properties, a qualified Feng Shui Expert

Everyone knows a house, or maybe some houses, that appear perfect on paper, homes that seemingly offer everything a Mallorcan life has to offer, but it just doesn’t sell, some can sit on the market for months, even years. So why does that happen? Local estate agent, Susanne Rodemann of Kensington Properties, explored the same question and is now applying the principles of Feng Sui wherever she can to help ‘unstick’ the property and move it into the hands of new loving owners. TOTN caught up with her to find out more:

What got you started with Feng Shui?
I was inspired by articles in the trade press that talked about Feng Shui and how it is being used and followed by so many of the rich and famous in the US. The more I read, the more it seemed to make sense and I was looking for that extra something that would help draw people to us. Honestly, I had no idea how brilliant it was until I got started and with every step of the course, there was a ‘wow’ moment. There were revelations all the way through. What is very clear is that feng shui is not esoteric nonsense; I don’t need to be putting turtle ornaments or other ancient Chinese deities all over the place. It’s about harmonizing the environment and watching how the energy flows throughout the home.
I spent three years finding a good school and after a lot of toing and froing with different teachers, I found the perfect school in Germany.

So it complements your Estate Agency?
Absolutely and I have applied the principles to the office to start with. The flow of energy is important and I have made small adjustments that encourage and welcome people in. The Feng Shui is there, but it’s subtle, it’s not something you can easily see.
I have applied some principles to a beautiful house that just couldn’t sell. This house was a good price, well presented, with two good estate agents, and at a time when the market was going well but no one put any offers forward. The owners came to me but were sceptical to begin with. They allowed me to make some changes to the feel of the house and it looks like we’re about to sell it this week!

What feng shui principles would you recommend to those wanting to sell their home?
It’s hard to do that. Feng shui is not the commercialized process that we all recognise. You don’t need a kit to feng shui your home. In fact you should look at the feng shui of your home every month because things change and it is very personal. Take a children’s bedroom for example. If a little girl or boy is hyperactive, perhaps you want a calming place so that she or he can read, play or sleep easily. For a child that doesn’t move much, perhaps a more stimulating environment is better.
To have your home assessed by an outsider is quite a huge thing. To invite someone to come in and apply the principles of feng shui is a big task. You have to be seriously open to it as the change your home needs have to be seriously evaluated. This is, after all, not something that is 100% necessary.
As a general rule, if you really want to sell your property, see it through the eyes of the buyer, change the things you can change, create an open inviting space that utilizes the whole home and give them a chance to fall in love with the property.