Get Your House Ship-Shape for Holiday Renting

from Charlie Bradburn, Pollentia Rentals

Despite the possible cap on tourist rental licenses, competition for holiday rentals properties remains fierce. And if the new tourist license law is introduced, primary residences can also be rented for up to 60 days per year. 

Guests pay a lot, especially in July and August. Expectations are understandably high. Here are some of Pollentia Rentals´ top tips for preparing your property so that it gets booked and re- booked. 

For the photos and first impressions

Life Changing magic of tidying up.jpg

Do a de-clutter that lasts. This is essential. Be ruthless. Anything that doesn’t spark joy in the house needs to go. I recommend following the process in Marie Kondo´s best-selling book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising. 

It also makes it much easier and faster to clean. 

If you are renting your primary residence, this will save you hours of time when de-camping. I can move out of my house in under three hours after my radical de-clutter! 

Keep décor neutral and fresh with simple Mallorcan touches – a bowl of fresh lemons, lovely cushions and floaty curtains. 

Ideally remove any fake flowers and plants. However authentic they may look, too many people dislike them. And they collect dust. Far better to add a simple bunch of flowers from your garden or the market. 

BEFORE: a blank canvas sales property

BEFORE: a blank canvas sales property

AFTER: An inviting high-end rental property giving a superb first impression

AFTER: An inviting high-end rental property giving a superb first impression

To give guests a first class stay

The biggest number of complaints relate to air conditioning not working properly. Always get air conditioning units fully serviced and cleaned before the season begins and leave clear instructions about how to use it. Repair or replace (before the season begins) any appliances that are not working 100%.

Make sure walls are freshly painted, or at least washed and touched up to ensure there are no marks. Shutters should also be cleaned and repaired if damaged in any way (very important).

In the entire season last year Pollentia Rentals only had one broken vase, and six broken wine glasses. If your place looks nice, guests tend to respect it. Ikea is great, but can be over-done. 

Check out Descans Shop for furniture, Tots Interiors and Llobera in Pollensa for beautiful household items and Galeries Bennessar for artwork.

A decent cuppa!

Leave nice big mugs for your guests. Any chipped or cracked mugs should go straight in the bin. Ditto with plates, bowls and glasses. 

You are welcome

To give guests a home from home experience (and reduce the ‘Sorry to bother you but we can’t get the WiFi to work’ phone calls), leave a detailed house manual. There are also elements that must be included legally such as your ETV license number and the pack must be translated into Spanish and Catalan. 

We recommend leaving a few local things to eat and drink. Guests ALWAYS appreciate this. Especially if the wine or beer is icy cold. 

Have a great season. And if this all seems like too much hard work, call Pollentia Rentals! We work all year round, so you don’t have to. 

Pollentia Rentals rents over 120 properties in or near Pollensa and manages 12 villas and townhouses. Charlie also rents her own house for key weeks in the summer and is an Airbnb Superhost.

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