Register to Vote

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Each day more than 1,000 Britons living in Spain are going online to register to vote in the EU referendum. This response, Manley told British Consulate partners and local authority extranjero offices, is “very encouraging”. He continued:
“Whether your view is that the UK should remain in or leave the EU, I urge all eligible expats to register to vote in this historic referendum.  You may have spent many years working or living in the UK and perhaps still have strong ties: family, property, or a pension. Whatever your circumstances, the chances are the referendum outcome will affect you or your family. “So make sure you can have your say. It is for the British people to decide whether we’re stronger, safer and better off as part of the European Union, or on our own.”
The deadline to register for an overseas postal vote is 16 May, in order for ballot papers to be sent out from 23 May in time for them to arrive and for you to send them back. Simply visit with your passport, National Insurance number and last UK postcode. The process takes just 5 minutes. If you do miss the deadline, you can still apply for a proxy vote.Even if you registered as an overseas voter for the General Election last year, you do need to do it again. Just as in the UK, you must register every year to vote in UK elections and referendums.
Expats who left the UK more than 15 years ago are ineligible to vote, because legislation intended to remove the time limit cannot be passed before the referendum date.