Citizens Advice Bureau:

There are plenty of groups on Facebook that give some very handy information on life in Spain, but one of the most useful I have come across is the Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain. They regularly answer queries on their Facebook page and publish new and updated information on their website. 

One of their most recent articles was a summary of the new autonomo law for 2017, which is expected to be passed without delay in the beginning of July. It includes the following:

Tarifa Plana, the social security contributions will be discounted to €50 per month for 12 months – previously this was set to 6 months. 

This applies for new Autonomos and those who have not been registered for at least 2 years – previously this was 5 years. 

Female autonomos who have been on maternity leave or leave to take care of a family member for 2 years are entitled to 12 months Tarifa Plana at €50p/m.

You can take a break three times per year and you only pay for the days you work – previously you had to pay a full month irrespectively.

Female autonomos will be exempt from paying contributions for a maximum of 12 months if they need to take time off to care for a family member. 





Late payment will be fined just 10% if you pay within a month – previously it was 20%.

Accidents on the way to or from your regular place of work are now recognized and will be covered by the insurance included in your autonomo contributions. 

Still under negotiation is the possibility to deduct a maximum of €12p/d for food & drink expenses.

There are more points and more information on the website, what’s more, once this law has been approved the article will be updated so it is worth checking again. 

Another piece of advice this week was given after somebody, who was burnt in the San Juan festivities turned to a private hospital without a passport. Despite being in pain, she was turned away. This person had no idea that they were not at a NHS hospital where emergency treatment would have been given. Note that the EHIC would also not have covered costs at a private hospital.Please spread the word that all visitors in Spain like residents, should carry legal identification at all times. That they should apply for their EHIC before leaving their home country and thirdly, always head to the emergency department of a national health hospital.