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I'm the King of the Castle!

New on our itinerary is the 24km King’s Castle run. We need permits to enter this privately owned land but they are easily acquired via the Town Hall’s website. They can take up to four days to come through and Sundays are often fully booked. Perfect for walking or running, this route makes for a great morning out. 

We begin in Pollensa and head a short way along the road to Lluc turning right at the signpost for Ternelles. We follow the road until we reach a manned gate where we show our permits and then jog uphill through woodland and across green fields where sheep graze. We see the rocky ruins of a Moorish castle to our left, ‘El Castell del Rei’, standing proudly at 492m and overlooking the sea, then jog down steep slopes to a little cove with crystal clear waters, an ideal spot to enjoy a packed lunch and maybe a dip, before making our return. 

Though hilly and steep in parts, the track keeps the terrain safe and manageable but it is not  for the faint-hearted. If you fancy a challenge, this route with its amazing views will leave you feeling like ‘the king of the castle’.

Runnyknows is a friendly team of experienced runners offering guided runs in and around Puerto Pollensa.

An Off-Road Beach Run

We take transport to and from this run which is an invigorating training session through seaside woodland near the tourist town of Can Picafort. From Puerto Pollensa, transport time is around 15-20 minutes, the splendid off-road run is 7.5km and is followed by an even more splendid cold drink on a paradise-beach.

We park just before the roundabout at the entrance to Can Picafort and start off jogging along a firm sandy track in and out of woodland where towering pine trees provide welcome shade in the summer months. The sandy surface gives our calves a good workout and after 2km or so, we cross a road entering another wood with an earthier terrain which feels wonderful underfoot and is much kinder on the joints than the hard road! A lap of this wood is again, around 2km, and there is always the option of doing two laps or several before heading back through the sandy woodland and ending up on the spectacular Muro Beach, an expanse of golden sand and clear turquoise sea. This fabulous beach is a great place to stretch and gives us the perfect opportunity to cool tired muscles in the Mediterranean Sea. The water is shallow for a long way out, great if you just want to go in for a paddle.

Stairway to Heaven

This delightful run is steeped in history and culture. We begin in Puerto Pollensa at the yellow aeroplane roundabout and run to the beautiful old town of Pollensa on the pedestrian track alongside the main road. We enter Pollensa via the back road that runs behind the estate agency on the Pollensa roundabout and jog through narrow streets passing 17th and 18th century houses until we reach the foot of the 365 ‘Calvario’ steps (these steps have been added to, so there are even more now). We climb to the top of these, either walking or running, depending on how we feel, to a pretty chapel at the top where we can enjoy sea views across the rooftops before descending along the winding road on the other side of the steps. We cross Pollensa’s ancient Roman bridge and run along countryside roads connecting Pollensa old town with Puerto Pollensa, pass sheep grazing in green fields and pretty fincas dressed in colourful bougaenvilleae, reaching our destination having had a taste of both Mallorcan town and country life.

Green Wonderland

8k run

We begin this scenic route in Pollensa old town by the Torrent de la Vall del Marc and run 1.5km approx. along country lanes in the direction of Llenaire, Puerto Pollensa, to a wonderful little off-road circuit through mountain woodland. The entrance to this route is sign-posted ‘El Puig de Santuiri’ displaying a map of the area, though beware, as it has been put in the wrong place! According to the map, you can ascend to the summit almost straight away, but in fact, the pathway leading up to it is further along the route (read on). An undulating jog over earth, rocks, steps and paving stones keeps us on our toes and we enjoy the shade of the towering pines along the way.

During this peaceful and pretty run, we catch glimpses of the nearby Puig de Maria and of lovely Pollensa town. Halfway along the route, there is a picnic area with wooden tables and chairs. It is here where we climb a kilometre or so to a viewpoint where the views over Pollensa and to the mountains and sea beyond are stunning. We then descend to finish the 3km circuit of the wood. Covering 8km approximately in total with the run to and from Pollensa, this is one of our shorter runs and is a nice little workout, especially for the lower legs.

The Full Monty

11.5k run

We call our run over to Cala San Vicente, the Full Monty because it has everything: mountain and woodland, together with coastal and country road. We veer off into the Siller development from the yellow aeroplane roundabout in Puerto Pollensa and follow a mountain track a short way up and over towards Cala San Vicente (this is also a popular walk). The views at the top are stunning and continue to impress as we make our way into Cala San Vicente along the winding coastal road enjoying views of aquamarine sea and attractive coves.

Instead of running down to the bar overlooking the beach, we divert and make our way into a wood which allow streaks of golden sunlight to fall at our feet. It is a beautiful place to run, the only downside is that the woodland path is not long enough. This little wood leads us to a long country road lined with fields of sheep and fig trees. We then join a track along the main road, which takes us back to the starting point. Overall, a scenic and diverse 11.5k route that serves as a very good workout.

Rise with the Sun

17km Run

It is a steep climb up the asphalt road to the watchtower above, but well worth the effort for the stunning views to be enjoyed en route and those that await you at the top. Lush green mountainside, rocky cliffs, blue blue sea...We begin at the yellow aeroplane roundabout in Puerto Pollensa and jog in the direction of Formentor along the new road. It is impossible to get lost. We just keep going and start the climb to the viewpoint, which is four to five kilometres up. Here we stop to take in some water and some amazing views. We aim to get to this point in time to see the sun rise, and providing it is not overcast, it is a spectacular sight. After catching our breath, we carry on a couple of kilometres up a slightly steeper roadway and jog round bends, taking in far-reaching sea views to both Pollensa and Alcudia bays and as far as Menorca on a clear day. We run all the way to the watchtower, where we stop to soak up the stunning surroundings, at one with nature along with the mountain goats, before heading back downhill to the Formentor roundabout and then taking the Pine Walk seafront route back to our destination, enjoying the sparkling sea views and bobbing leisure boats along the way. This is one of our favourite routes, as not only is it great hill practice, the scenery is out of this world. It is a route to do early morning though, as once the buses start making their way over to Formentor, the winding road can become a bit dangerous for runners and cyclists.

Flex on the Beach


We begin this run in Puerto Alcudia at the start of the stretch of beach by the taxi rank. From here, we run on the sand alongside the sparkling Mediterranean. The sand starts off firm and flat by the sea edge but gets finer and harder to run on further along making for a good workout for the lower legs. After five kilomentres, we reach a jetty with rocks which is popular with fishermen. We run along to the end and back then we leave the beach and cross over a little bridge into Alcudia. We follow the road parallel to the beach for a few kilometres before entering an area of pine woodland by the Ivory Playa Hotel. We run through this shady forest for a short while before reaching a paved pedestrian walkway at the back of the beach which takes us all the way back to our start point. This route is 11kms in total with a combination of sand, road and earth, not forgetting the lovely sea views.

Beside the Seaside

10k Run

This scenic route is a loop which we start and finish at the charming Bonaire marina in Alcudia. For those who are unfamiliar with this spot, Bonaire is a peaceful residential area just minutes from Alcudia old town. The beautiful marina is small and unpretentious and the port’s restaurant, El Cocodrilo, is a popular eating place for its location by the sea and its delicious fish dishes. We run through the Bonaire development and out, crossing the road and running past a bar called Can Tomeu. We follow the winding country road into Alcudia old town passing the bullring on our left and run past the police station on the right taking the turning towards Barcares where we run along the back road parallel to the sea. At the end, we turn and run back along the seafront over a stretch of firm sand and paved paths, following the coast all the way, to an area of rugged coastline which makes for stunning scenery along with far-reaching sea views. We run through a small area of woodland and out the other side passing a couple of delightful coves in Mal Pas where locals relax during the summer months and from here, Bonaire marina comes back into view. At the marina we stop and take a stroll along the sea wall admiring the fishing boats and leisure crafts to our left and the sparkling blue Med to the right, and feeling good after an invigorating workout by the sea.