Made-in-Mallorca Christmas Shopping List

A wealth of tradition and culture mixed with a good dose of talent, from both the island and from overseas, mean that your Christmas gift list can realistically be 100% Mallorcan.



1. Abbacino offers affordable luxury from Mallorca’s most modern and stylish leather producer. Handbags, purses, gloves galore are available in the north at V’estim in Pollensa and other fashion stores. You can find the latest range in El Corte Ingles and you can shop online:

2. Menestralia Glass Just down the road in Campanet is the glassworks, Menestralia. The factory is open during December along with its shop full of beautiful glass gifts. This is a great place to look around and learn about the local industry, add to it the Christmas Shopping opportunity, it’s an all-rounder. You can also shop online:

3. Pla To ‘feel good about what we do and how we do it’ is how Irene Peukes and Araceli Iranzo, an ex-Camper shoe designer and advertising agency founder, produced Pla. These shoes are handmade with braided jute from Bangladesh and a ‘Suau’ sole is added here in Mallorca. Pla shoes are contemporary, cosmopolitan and mindful of traditional skills and they make a great gift for the more discerning.

4. Majorica Pearls The island’s famous pearls first appeared in 1890. The production process of organic pearls begins with an opaline crystal nucleus, which is then coated with fine layers of ‘pearl essence’, an extract obtained from a secret processing technique of natural organic elements of the Mediterranean Sea. It reproduces the beauty of cultured pearls and what’s more the funky new range of jewellery puts Majorica firmly on our Made-in-Mallorca Christmas Shopping List.

5. Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc is the purest salt you can get. Conditions have to be perfect for the wind and sun to magic the flower-shaped salt crystals that form on the salt plains before being raked and hand-harvested. It is 100% natural and Es Trenc is the only flor de sal you will find in Mallorca. Marc Fosh has joined the team to produce the Luxe collection, the perfect Christmas gift for chef.