White Box Mallorca

Whitebox Mallorca is a local boutique full of charm and style. Started by an Argentinian dressmaker, Whitebox has built a solid brand thanks to Veronica’s passion and skill for making interesting and quirky clothes. Making clothes all her life, and thanks to her grandma sharing her knowledge, Veronica moved to Mallorca in 2002. Since then Whitebox started to emerge. During the years, Veronica has exhibited her workshop at Espai 32 and has had a concession at Hito a boutique located on the Calvari steps. 

Now the boutique is settled in a townhouse at the bottom of the steps. One of the Whitebox’s iconic pieces is the 7-in-1 coat that can be wrapped or left open, done up or belted up, even turned upside down and worn short or long. It is an incredibly versatile piece and is available in different fabrics including heavy winter fabrics and cooler spring/autumn alternatives. Along the same vein, the 3-in-1 skirt can be worn three different ways, keeping your wardrobe fresh and different every day. 

Accessories abound and Veronica has been in touch with shoemakers across the island, she uses the offcuts of leather for her handmade handbags. Now in 2015, Whitebox has joined up with another TOTN favourite, Palma-based shoemaker Borinos. The new materials match the clothes perfectly. 

Check it out on www.thewhitebox.com.es
Contact white box at info.thewhitebox@gmail.com
or look them up on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thewhiteboxmallorca