The Future of Fashion in Mallorca


This week, the Consell de Mallorca held a meeting with the Fashion Designers Association of Mallorca to discuss the new initiative and collaboration between the two organizations. It was acknowledged that local fashion design was becoming increasingly important in the island’s economy and the Consell and the organization plan to work together to “promote the entire fashion industry that unites art, culture, commerce and tradition” said Vice President Joana Borràs. 

During the meeting the formal presentation of the group included the workshops, a new guide to the designers and their workshops, and the creation of a new annual event. The Fashion Designers and Producers Group of Mallorca brings together more than thirty creative people and include manufacturers, accessories designers as well as clothes designers like Veronica Bilicki from the Whitebox in Pollensa. 

In the future we can look forward to a new brand that will represent the whole sector and could be used in fairs and events on the island and beyond.