Born from a passion for design, craftsmanship and recycling, Cartonpia is Alejandra Epifani’s line of jewellery, furniture and accessories made completely from paper. Inspired by nature and geometry, Epifani takes waste products that have reached the end of their usefulness and upcycles the material into items of beauty. The result is a perfect blend of originality, simplicity and functionality.

We're thrilled to have necklaces made with TOTN copies! Print lives on!!

We're thrilled to have necklaces made with TOTN copies! Print lives on!!

The paper Epifani uses to make the jewellery ranges from boxes to magazines and newspapers while cartons and cardboard tubes are selected for thickness and arranged and fixed together to make chairs, lamps, storage boxes and other home accessories.

For the jewellery, the paper is prepared over days. First pulped with water, it is made into a smooth paste and modelled into beads, ready for threading. Newsprint is spun into threads and woven together. Paper of different weight and colour are wound into pieces of different shapes, sizes and textures.

Finally, the paper becomes wood once again, either multi-laminated or with hundreds of selected leaves beaten and worked as if it were wood. Each piece is original and has its own set of colours that are only discovered during the carving process. Whatever the process, each piece is pierced, dyed, finely finished and mounted to create jewellery that is complete unique, impossible to replicate.

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Alejandra Epifani an industrial designer, works from her workshop where she and her family live among the sheep and almonds at the foot of the mountains of Mallorca. Look out for her creations at the upcoming firas in the north. Until then, check out Cartonpia online: