Fortnight's 5: Get Fit in 2015

Originally in the New Year 2015 issue, this list of 5 is for ways to get fit either out and about in the North or at home. Any time is a good time to take up a new fitness regime, so here it is...

At Home with Focus T25

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage. It entails short bursts of crazy gut-busting moves that will up your cardio fitness, improve your metabolism and fat burning capacity. Exactly what you need to dust away any excesses of 2014. 

Shaun T and his Focus T25 DVD programme is the answer. It takes up just 25 minutes of your day, those minutes will be tough and sweaty, but such a short time make T25 totally doable. 

Choose this for: Variety, Convenience
Cost: It doesn’t come cheap. 10 workouts in a DVD set are €108 on A worthwhile investment? Yeah!

Funny Fitness

Often overlooked as just a comedy DVD, funny girl Miranda Hart’s Maracattack is a serious fitness DVD in a very unserious way. Produced with a passion for fun, Miranda is put through a warm-up, cardio and high-intensity cardio routine by expert, Amelia Watts, all thewhile shaking the maracas to some glorious pop tunes.

Choose this for: a good laugh

Available on Amazon.

Suspension Training

You may have seen these in the gym and wondered. Well, now you can give it a go. With these hanging straps you will develop core body strength, as well as joint and muscular stability, while reducing the risk of injury. It’s an intense and toning exercise that uses instability to ensure your muscles are engaged 100%. 

At the Municipal Pool in Alcudia there are six ProSling sessions every week. Each class is 30 minutes long but that’s enough to get your body into shape. 

Choose this for: If you are already fit with some core strength, this is the next level.

Where: Piscina Municipal Alcudia, Avinguda Corneli Àtics s/n, 07400 Alcúdia, 971 897 765


Using postures and breathing techniques, yoga helps build strength and flexibility. It is also considered a great way to detox. With its focus on systematic stretching and compressing every part of the body, yoga is well-suited in keeping the body’s waste-removal mechanics functioning. During the whole month of January, Naska’s classes at Yoga Pollensa will focus on detoxifying the organs and creating interior space that will help to release tension.

Choose this for: a more holistic approach

Where: C/ Horta, 36, Pollensa, 
656 806 750·

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Now is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy this beautiful island. Guided walks mean you can see parts of Mallorca you didn’t even know existed. Highly recommended is the ‘Pilgrim Steps’ walk that covers a deep limestone valley and a drop down into an impressive canyon, which leads to the 16th century Route. Pilgrims made these steps regularly to get access to Lluc Monastery.

Choose this for: getting out into the Great Outdoors

Where: Contact Richard Strutt,
609 700 826 •