A new bicycle rescue and recovery service for cyclists facing a mechanical breakdown was launched in the North at the end of 2015. We talk to the owner, Gary, to get the lowdown.

What inspired you to do it?

Firstly, we love cycling in Mallorca and want to do everything we can to make the experience as brilliant as it can be for everyone who comes here. Visitors’ time here is limited and this will get them back on the road asap. Whether it’s a first-time visitor who is a little daunted or an experienced visitor who does not want to spoil a whole day’s cycling with a breakdown.

Secondly, I run the Mallorca Cycle Shuttle, which opens up new routes by taking cyclists from one location and drops them in another to cycle back. There was always the worry that one of our cyclists would suffer a mechanical breakdown and it would spoil their day.
I had a medical issue 4 months ago, and ended up cycling home when I really should have called an ambulance because I was concerned what was going to happen to my expensive bike.

Lastly, I was chatting with a cycling holiday company, and they suggested starting a service like this – it was the final push I needed to make it happen.

The prices are very reasonable, is it a money-making venture or for the love of the sport?

It is our contribution towards encouraging people to come and explore this wonderful island and we feel that these are the prices that will still hopefully allow us to break even (before 2056!). Overall, it’s a pleasure to help people feel less nervous about venturing far and wide as well as getting everyone back on the road as soon as possible.

Are you targeting the service at the less mechanically-inclined specifically?

We are not necessarily targeting the less mechanically minded more than the experienced cyclists, but hopefully the availability of this service will offer peace of mind to everyone that they will not be left stranded. Our feeling is that problems can arise that even experienced cyclists cannot deal with and if this happens, the day’s cycling is often over unless they have our cover.

Would you say it is a service more for visitors than for residents?

The service is available to everyone, but locally based athletes often have a local support network and are able to call a friend to come and take them home or take them to the nearest bike shop so we feel will be less appealing for locals than for visitors. We have not yet got as far as offering annual policies for this very reason, but it is something we may do in the future from our ongoing discussions with local clubs. Our website will be available in Spanish and German as well as English.

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