Learn Horseriding from a Champion

Rafal Bota, local horseriding extraordinaire, is opening his own school in the Siller area of Puerto Pollensa. He aims to bring the horse world and all it entails to anyone who would like to know and learn more. The founding principle is that through the practice of riding, you can help shape the rider’s character, to be more thoughtful and to overcome problems, all the while enjoying sport in the fresh air.

Hippotherapy is a comprehensive therapy where horse riding is used as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means of improving coordination, balance, and strength. Professionals working in the physical or mental health field use hippotherapy to promote the rehabilitation of children, teenagers and adults at a neuromuscular, psychological, cognitive and /or social level, with the horse acting as a therapeutic tool. With this as a foundation, it’s clear this is a serious riding school.

When it comes to riding, Rafa knows what he’s talking about. If you haven’t heard of Barrel Racing then you will when you know Rafa. He is National Champion and he is one of the 10 best barrel racing champions in the world. This sport sees riders take their horses around a course of barrels to form a clover shape. The timer starts as they leave the gate and stops when the horse and rider cross the finish line. Not just about speed, the rider and horse have to negotiate the barrels carefully hugging the barrel as close as possible so as to keep an efficient racing line.
While Barrel Racing is a growing sport, there is more to this riding school. All forms of riding are on offer and lessons are open to everyone aged from 7... perhaps there’ll be some barrel racers among them!