An ULTRA ultra trail anyone?

The man from Soller is doing it again, that crazy kind of endurance test that surely no one can manage... yes, Tòfol Castanyer is stepping it up another notch. This weekend (starting Friday December 15) Castanyer will begin his mission from Soller to Pollensa, down to Andratx and then back up to Soller. What is a week's trekking holiday is this man's two-day jaunt. 

The route...

The route...

The challenge aims to raise awareness of rare diseases and the athlete and organizers will reach schools in the region with their audiovisual programme. For this race, Pau, a young man from Sóller, is the main inspiration. Pau has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that affects the muscular system. It affects 1 in 3,500 children around the world, and progressive muscle weakness leads to serious medical problems and patients are confined to a wheelchair.

Castanyer collaborates with the Consell de Mallorca with the Serra de Tramuntana Children's Races, at the press conference last week he had this to say: 

I am very proud of the non-competitive children's racing programme we do with the Council alongside the talks concerning the values of sport in schools where we are increasingly talking about sustainability, respect for nature and also of solidarity. In this case, the Pau project is solidarity in its purest state and in our Serra de Tramuntana.
An ultra double may well be a huge effort but the effort that people like Pau and their families do in their day to day life is much greater.

The Passes per en Pau challenge is the Double Ultra Serra Tramuntana, a 190km race leaving from and arriving in Soller. The objective is to raise enough funds to buy an adapted chair. So far over €10,000 has been raised with €5,000 still to raise. To donate visit the page on el bote. To follow Tòfol Castanyer, visit his Facebook page