Cycling with Wattitude in Puerto Pollensa

When they landed on Puerto Pollensa’s shore, these electric bikes tickled everyone’s fancy. Funky yet vintage, adventurous and somewhat wacky, Wattitude bikes from Watt Style offer something different to all the other rental services out there.

For one, what you’re getting is an electric bike. Historically not the coolest way to get around, assisted bikes were entering the world of daggy. But no more! Oozing with style, you’ll be selfying your way around the north and instagramming the heck out of it.

Secondly, they make riding around in the heat a lot of fun. Sure, you can just pedal, but hit the clicks, the motor kicks in and you’re off at 25km/h. Formentor shuttle bus? No thanks. I’ll ride my bike AND I won’t get sweaty.

Thirdly, you can actually own one of these monsters and make it your daily transport. What’s more you can bespoke it to exactly the way you like. Just ask Max who runs the shop and he’ll get your brand new bike exactly how you want it. 

Having tested one of the bikes, I can personally testify to how much fun these bikes can be. On a clear straight road you can really pick up some speed and with just a touch of the brakes you’re back down again. They are easy to control, they feel comfortable and safe, any doubts you have disappear as soon as you set off. 

To really enjoy the bikes, why not take advantage of another service from Watt Style: the guided tours. The popular wine tour will take you through the countryside to one of Pollensa’s wineries, Ca’n Vidalet where you can enjoy a wine tasting and some tapas. Or there is the 3-hour Challenge Tour for a fun- and hill-packed ride through the mountains in the north. Great fun to be had by all!