Making the Queen’s Honours List

The charity that helps elderly members of the British community here in Mallorca is a well-established and fully functioning social service that helps keep people active and sociable. Its activities are wide and varied and include everything from a Royal Tea party to an evening at the Ballet, from afternoon tea to weekends away. But it is the work that goes on behind the scenes that makes this charity such a veritable cause. As president, Jackie Codd told TOTN, “a lot goes unmentioned because we cannot disclose what we do for our clients due to

confidentiality and data protection laws. We deal with very vulnerable adults whose situations cannot be mentioned in the press, we work with the welfare services of the hospital and the town halls not to mention the British consulate, all this work is done behind the scenes and helps numerous people.”

After 18 years working for Age Concern, the last 10 as its President, Jackie has just been recognized at the highest order, she has been given the British Empire Medal for services to the British Community in the Balearic Islands. “I was lost for words, and that is hard,” says Jackie, “I was absolutely astounded, so honoured, I could not believe it.” Jackie added, “Without the help of my team of volunteers and everyone in the institutions, hospitals, etc I would not have been able to help all these people over the years, so a big thank you to them as well.” Congratulations Jackie and keep up the excellent work!


In the news recently was a report from Habtur. In it the organization estimates that direct losses from tourist rental amount to €100m and they calculate that the regulations “make it practically impossible” for some “20,000 families” to continue to rent their homes and second homes to tourists.

For Habtur, the negative effects of the law will also extend to restaurants, shops and supermarkets, so they calculate that income could come down another €900m per year. It is the kind of news story that most people expected and no one is particularly surprised. But Habtur is an organisation worth watching. 

  • It is the main association of holiday rentals in the Balearic Islands; a union of owners, that together, work to defend owners’ rights and promote a new, more sustainable model that benefits the whole of society.
  • It gives institutional representation, promoting owners interests and defend a new tourism model. 
  • It provides information and advice on both legal and administrative matters.
  • It also participates in reports and studies and generates all news related to the sector. 
  • What’s really interesting is the organisation’s plan going forward. Its campaign “Towards Integrative Tourism” aims “to emphasize the importance of tourist rent for a better distribution of wealth,” explained Habtur President Joan Miralles. 

Essentially this is a group that is actively opposing a law that affects everyone, from property owner to bar owner to holiday maker. What’s more you can get involved by becoming a supporter and/or a partner. Visit the website for more information. 

Rom Cremat

With this month’s fiesta, Rom Cremat has made an appearance. This is a traditional drink popular in the Catalonia region. It is served to accompany a performance by havanares, songs based on 19th-century Cuban music. 

The ingredients are rum, coffee beans, sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon with other spices. Placed in an earthen ware dish, the rum is heated and then set alight. It means that some of the alcohol is burnt off, so it’s not too strong but a very decent hot toddy!

How to Make It:

1 litre dark rum
50g sugar
1 stick cinnamon
whole coffee beans
Peel of a lemon

Pour the rum into a saucepan and gently heat. Place the rest of the ingredients into an earthenware pot. Once the rum is hot, light it and pour slowly into the terracota pot. Stir until reduced by a third and serve.

Festival of Pollensa


The Festival of Pollensa has launched its 2018 programme. The seven classical concerts will be held in August at the Sant Domingo Cloisters. This year, the 57th edition, the stars of the festival are three great orchestras; the Baroque Orchestra of Seville and the Aurora Orchestra and Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir. 

The Baroque Orchestra of Seville will open the festival on 4th August. Andoni Mercero along with Carlos Mena will perform the concert, Tutto Vivaldi. The orchestra, with more than 20 years experience, is unquestionably considered one of Spain’s best orchestras of the Baroque style. 

The Aurora Orchestra led by Nicholas Collon with Imogen Cooper on the piano will perform on 20th August with a Mozart and Beethoven repertoire. The distinctive interpretation that musicians memorize (they play without scores) captures their great creative spirit. 

The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir, will perform the closing concert on Wednesday, 29th August. It will be directed by Gran Ton Koopman, with Yetzabel Arias (soprano), Maarten Engeltjes (contratenor), Tilman Lichdi (tenor) and Klaus Mertens (low). They will offer one of the culminating works of the history of music: Bach’s minor Mass.

Also on the programme is a masterful mix of classical music and humour by Igudesman & Joo; the Vogler Quartett — a string quartet with Mallorcan clarinetist Pascual Martínez Forteza, soloist of the New York Philharmonic; the family concert Free Diary of Musica; and the guitarist Ricardo Gallén. Tickets will soon be available on the Festival website and (to be added to the sites in the next week)

The Honey Man

honey man 2.jpg

Antoni Martorell is responsible for the delicious “Miel de l’horta de Pollença” honey with its distinctive bee-patterned lid, on sale in local markets and farm shops. He is one of only five people on the island, named as a “Maistro de la Miel”. After 23 years of experience including ten years of training, he teaches beekeeping skills and writes in the island’s quarterly beekeeping magazine. He also manages 120 beehives and produces honey of different flavours, royal jelly and natural wax. 

He is immensely proud of his honey, which is completely natural and of his collaboration with farmers around Pollensa who welcome the beehives on their land. He moves them from place to place to help with the pollination of trees such as almond, orange and carob and at the same time produces honey which carries the flavour of the blossoms or herbs, where the bees have been working. Careful management results in a wide range of distinctive flavours. He lovingly tends the hives to keep the bees healthy and to protect them from deadly predators like the Asian Hornet, which kills and eats honey bees. 

Honey Man 1.jpg

Each hive is a highly organised colony with a queen bee, who lives for several years and is bigger than the others. She lays the eggs which maintain the hive’s population. The female worker bees produce 80% of the honey, look after the larvae and take care of the queen by feeding her royal jelly, while the male drones are responsible for fertilisation. 

After smoking out the bees, the honey is extracted from the honeycombs in a centrifuge and is filtered and packaged by hand in Pollensa. Honey is a staple ingredient in many traditional Mallorca recipes, is great for health and is an all-round traditional remedy for coughs, colds, allergy prevention and for healing wounds. It’s also lovely on toast! 

Enjoy Your Bathroom...

 The LUV Bathroom range features oval shapes and fine lines, spacious basins and tubs and fine rims. DuraCeram is a material developed by DURAVIT which can be used to create particularly refined shapes with great stability. Available in glazed white, grey or sand tones with matte exterior surfaces. Available now at the Alcudia branch of DURAN. 

The LUV Bathroom range features oval shapes and fine lines, spacious basins and tubs and fine rims. DuraCeram is a material developed by DURAVIT which can be used to create particularly refined shapes with great stability. Available in glazed white, grey or sand tones with matte exterior surfaces. Available now at the Alcudia branch of DURAN. 

Enjoy Your Bathroom.jpg
  1. Bathroom Module, Zero20 from Moab80
  2. ìTara Classicî tap in Cyprum colour, by Dornbracht
  3. ìTricolorî freestanding bathtub, design by Studio Aisslinger for Kaldewei
  4. ìMienaî washbasin bowls in steel enamel, design by Anke Salomon for Kaldewei
  5. Independent ìViequesî washbasin in steel, design by Patricia Urquiola for Agape
  6. Independent ìTricolorî washbasin ensemble, design by Studio Aisslinger for Kaldewei

Discover the complete bathroom collection at DURAN in Alcudia.

Cat Protection Pollensa, Coffee Morning

cat protection.png


As a new association the group are desperately in need of volunteers. They are very overstretched and finding it difficult to cope with the abundance of kittens this spring.
There are many ways to help such as trapping, fostering, feeding, fundraising, donating or just moral support!
Get in touch with the association through their Facebook page or website.

Hotel Bellavista, Carrer de Monges, 14, Puerto Pollensa

Please bring a bag of cat food if you can! 

Joan Marc Restaurant

Located in a square just off the centre of Inca the Joan Marc Restaurant is modern, stylish and urban cool. This little gourmet surprise offers a new style of Mallorcan cuisine with a menu that focuses on fresh, simple food that is full of flavour.

Guests are greeted by friendly staff and the warm ambience is inviting, the aperitif welcome. For the nominated driver, homemade ginger Lemonade is a spectacular option. Contemplating the tasting menu, it is available in varying quantities (4, 6 or 8 plates) and we opted for the full shebang – hungry and curious that we were.

Starting with the galetes de Xeixa with local cheese and jamon, this was our first taste of the restaurant’s hallmark. Xeixa is an ancient grain, native to Mallorca (the village of Ruberts to be exact) and reinvigorated by the restaurant. A grain that has not been genetically modified, it has less starch and is therefore much more digestible, it contributes to a mighty fine bread and galete (or cracker). In fact the galetes are made with a mix of the Xeixa cereal, local olive oil and butter. It has Mallorcan cuisine all over it.

Local products play an integral part to the Chef’s menu at Joan Marc. The team make a point of using various local farmers, local organic cheese, local suckling pigs, local lambs, everything within a close proximity to the restaurant. The concept 0km is certainly not lost. Chef Joan Marc has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona, so the adventurous yet homely, different yet comforting food is in good hands. He also ran the kitchen at Son Brull for 8 years, he knows the north well, and he now happily calls his home, the Joan Marc Restaurant in Inca.

Plaza del Blanquer 10, 07300 Inca
Reservations: 971 500 804

Gin of the Week

Monkey 47.jpeg

It won’t have gone unnoticed that gin is somewhat en vogue. Gone are the days with the choice of either a Beefeater or Gordon’s. Now, no self-respecting bar will have less than a dozen gins from all corners of the world all with a reassuring artisanal touch of being distilled in ‘batch’. One of the pioneers that pushed the market forward (and prices upwards) was Monkey 47, hailing from the Black Forest in Bavaria. The ‘47’ derives from the 47 botanicals used in the blend and the 47 % alcohol level it’s diluted to. Stylistically the gin has notes of cranberries, wood, a little citrus but also grassy. The question asked though with the premium price, ‘ it worth it?’. In my mind undoubtedly yes. This isn’t a gin to smother with tonic, but a dash will do or better still use it to make a martini or a strong negroni. You can certainly pick out the nuances and it adds a distinctive edge to your evening tipple. 

Available in all good Wine & Spirits stores, we bought at El Corte Ingles for around €40.

Sepia Fair 2018


The Sepia Fair is firmly established on Puerto Alcudia’s cultural calendar and holds an important role as one of the Port Town’s attractions. As Mayor Antoni Mir pointed out, the fair contributes to the revitalization of this part of Alcudia.

This year, 24 establishments will be participating in the restaurant marquee; throughout the rest of town there are another 16 restaurants all offering special sepia dishes; and there will be another 21 nautical exhibitors at the fair. See the full agenda on the What’s On pages.

Wine of the Week

La Bota 41 de Palo Cortado Viejísimo

Every so often a wine stops all conversation at the dinner table and instead dominates it. This ‘bota’ or cask is one such Sherry. Equipos Navazos is run by two Sherry fanatics who find individual casks that are often overlooked, and bottle them as part of their range. They have unearthed many gems over the years and this Palo Cortado #41 is one of them. Rich, unctuous and powerful, you can’t guarantee all around the table will like it, but those that do will love it. It worked well with langoustines when we had it but will also go well with meat. The price means this is not your every-day drinking wine, but this Spanish sherry is surely up there among some of the greatest wines in the world.

The Equipo Navazos wines are available from

The Future of Fashion in Mallorca


This week, the Consell de Mallorca held a meeting with the Fashion Designers Association of Mallorca to discuss the new initiative and collaboration between the two organizations. It was acknowledged that local fashion design was becoming increasingly important in the island’s economy and the Consell and the organization plan to work together to “promote the entire fashion industry that unites art, culture, commerce and tradition” said Vice President Joana Borràs. 

During the meeting the formal presentation of the group included the workshops, a new guide to the designers and their workshops, and the creation of a new annual event. The Fashion Designers and Producers Group of Mallorca brings together more than thirty creative people and include manufacturers, accessories designers as well as clothes designers like Veronica Bilicki from the Whitebox in Pollensa. 

In the future we can look forward to a new brand that will represent the whole sector and could be used in fairs and events on the island and beyond.