Fortnight's 5: What to do when it rains

It’s pretty much assumed that the Mallorcan seaside will offer an endless dose of sun, sun and more sun, so when it rains and thunders and rains some more, what is there to do? It may feel like your holiday or your day off is ruined but in fact there are plenty of things to do in Mallorca, you needn’t stay in praying for the weather to pass. It’s still warm outside so get your rain poncho on and get out there!

Museum/Art Gallery 

Why not flit in between art galleries and museums across the north for a big dose of culture? Many international artists sought refuge on the island and the contemporary arts movement is particularly strong here in the north. 

Try the Museu Sa Bassa Blanca in Alcudia:

The Dionis Bennassar Museum house in Pollensa:

The Contemporary Art Museum of Can Planes, Sa Pobla:

Or book a tour of the Vicens Fabric factory in Pollensa:

Escape to the Hills

The refugi and santuaris dotted across the north offer a great alternative to the usual beach resort. The closest is the Sanctuary at the top of Pollensa’s Puig de Maria but there is also the Refugi of Son Real (see page 9), Llavonor in Mortitx and Coll Baix in Victoria. The mother of all mountain escapes (at least here in the north) has to be the Sanctuary in Lluc, where a variety of studios, rooms and apartments are available for an overnight adventure. There are shops, restaurants a bakery and of course the church and its museum to look around. You’ll forget all about the rain. Book online:


Family Days in Palma

The island is unsurprisingly full of adventure parks and water parks, and they offer a great alternative to beach/outdoor activity. Of the most notable, is Palma Aquarium.

Further along, into Magaluf, Katmandu is full of 4D theatre shows, climbing adventure, soft play, splash park and of course the upside down house that started it all.

For the bigger kids, Palma’s Adventure Rooms is quite new. It provides an hour’s worth of fun to solve your way out of the locked room. “Will you escape in time?”


The Caves of Drach are a sight to behold and well worth making the trip for. Hidden inside is Lake Martel, considered to be one of the largest subterranean lakes in the world. Sail across it and listen to an amazing concert performed by classical musicians as they drift by. If you are driving, you can book tickets online and join the next tour. Alternatively, book through your hotel or use an excursions company.

Majorica Pearls are the island’s own unique version of organic pearls that mirror that of cultured pearls. You can learn all about the process and watch the artisans at work during a trip to the Factory Shop in Manacor. They’ll arrange the shuttle bus from your hotel or there is free parking.

Have a Pamper Day!

If you’re fortunate enough to have the day completely to yourself then use the bad weather as an excuse to spend the day inside pampering yourself. A massage, mani-pedi, hairdo and a bit of cheeky shopping or a gourmet lunch has to be the best way to spend a rainy day.