Party in the North

It’s the North’s answer to the Beach Clubs of Marbella or the Café del Mar of Ibiza, Miama is a superb chill-out beach club venue along the playa de Muro stretch and it opened with style last weekend. The 2016 launch was a massive success with nearly 300 people waiting outside to get in, this is clearly the place to be.

By day, Miama offers views of the beautiful Play de Muro with a safe distance from the tacky beach stores. Open for cocktails, aperitifs or a hand cooked lunch or dinner, Miama is an all-rounder. By night the place comes alive with tunes that will take you back and shake you up. Sway your way to an empty space, if you can find some and party the night away. It’s the perfect way to end your day at the beach – and those days are just around the corner.


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