La Torre de Canyamel

Last year, TOTN featured the luxury resort, Can Simoneta. This spring, we visited the group’s flagship establishment, La Torre de Canyamel and its adjoining restaurant, Porxada de sa Torre. The group owns an all-encompassing range of enterprises from restaurant to high-end hotel, from caterers to its own farm and cattle raisers to a water treatment plant that supplies water (extracted from the Canyamel Farms) to the interior area of Canyamel.

The Torre was built in 1237 by the Montsó family. During the Middle Ages it was part of the defence system that protected the coastline from the constant dangers of pirates who attacked villages, stealing food, animals, or taking children for slavery. Over the centuries the tower has passed between different landowners until 1867, when it was eventually bought by Pere-Francesc Font dels Olors I Ordines d Almadrà. His sister, Joana-Maria Font dels Olors, inherited the property, and then her grandson, Gabriel Morell i Font dels Olors took over. His descendants are the current owners. In 2009, the doors of the tower were reopened as a museum and as a venue for musical and artistic events. Its monumental stature and rich history make it a fascinating spot.

Even more inviting is the opportunity to lunch at the Restaurante Porxada de Sa Torre. Opened in June 1966, the Porxada has an excellent reputation for not just its home made traditional Mallorcan food but also its hand reared, hand-grown ingredients fresh from the nearby Canyamel Farms. The porcilla – suckling pig – is famous and rightly so. The soups, salads, the foie gras are even more satisfying knowing that everything on the plate was grown, cooked and put together by the good people at the Porxada de Sa Torre.

It may be far but the trip eastward along the north coast is well worth it. For a post lunch, early evening gin and tonic, why not head along to Can Simoneta and enjoy the seaview?
For more information visit, where you can also make your reservations at the Porxada.