Heavenly Bread


If you have an iota of interest in local food and if you eat bread, then you will know about Xeixa. From Mallorca, this grain was close to extinction as industrial bread took over. However, some farmers who practice biodynamic agriculture have successfully brought it back. One of the first to do so was Tomeu Morro a Pollencin farmer based between the Old Town and the Port. Passionate about this ancient grain, remembering the bread of his childhood, Morro uses his three fields to harvest Xeixa and a few of its local cousins, brushing the conventional industrial varieties aside. Preferring to live naturally and making their own contribution to the slow food movement, Tomeu and his wife produce stunning bread that is cultivated by hand, from the fields to the stone oven. 


Production begins with the milling of the flour. Every Monday, Tomeu uses one his two mills for the wheat he has grown. One mill is over 200 years old and produces a coarser grain than its newer colleague. The granite stone in each ensures the grain stays cold. A little of this fresh flour is then used to feed the 20-year-old culture that Tomeu uses to make his sourdough bread. No commercial yeast here. Each Friday the bread is made with flour that is less than a week old and a culture that is fed and lovingly kept alive. 

The bread is then sold at the Mercat Ecològic de Palma. If that’s too far, don’t worry, you can still buy Tomeu’s bread at Xeixa Eco Shop and Al Mattarello in Puerto Pollensa and Eu Siurell in Pollensa.