Archaeology Course in Alcudia

At the Casal de Can Doménech, diplomas were awarded to students who completed the latest archaeology course during the month of July at Pol.lèntia. It marked the end of the course, but also the completion of work by volunteers, local collaborators, and students and archaeologists from the University of Portland. The 110 participants in the 2017 excavation campaign were acknowledged as well as local companies that helped with the organization and logistics of the students’ stay.
At the end of last month, a hundred people attended the Open Day at the site during the Fiesta of Sant Jaume, who were given a guided tour of the work carried out this summer. On July 20 Students of the Arqueospain programme were awarded their diplomas.

Pol.lentia 2017

This year the course focused on the residential neighborhood of Sa Portella, the forum and the necropolis. In each area, discoveries will help lead to a greater understanding of the history and evolution of the Roman city. 

The geophysical surveys that began two years ago, will continue and allow further study into the perimeter of the city. In fact, this year the team of archaeologists has started a new study to clarify whether there was a pre-existing military camp. This study will continue in the coming years and could solve the historical problem of dating the ancient city. Written sources mark as the founding date of Pol·lèntia in 123 BC, while the archaeological remains date back to 70 BC at most. 

Giant Paella in Puerto Pollensa

Last week, the Neighborhood Association of the Puerto Pollensa (AVPP) served a giant paella for the community, a total of 900 people attended. They used the occasion to deliver the €900 cheque to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), that was raised at the V Marinera Race at the beginning of July. The runners contributed €1 euro at registration. 

“120kg of bomba rice, 75kg of fish, 40kg of gerret [local fish], 60kg of mussels, 40kg of prawns, 60kg of monkfish, with the spinach and the head we make the broth and we put in the rice. We made rice for 900 people but it is a unique dish and many came back for more.” José Manuel Pareja, who, along with Andreu Ramon Pérez de Rada, was in charge of organizing the meal that is served every August by the members of the association.

The lunch was held in the Plaza Joan Cerdà, in front of the universal access centre AVPP has built on the Tamarells beach. “The Arrosada is possible thanks to the work of some fifty people,” says Pareja, “Also because among us are elite cooks, Llorenç Cerdà Nadal `Picarol’ and Sebastià Torrens Bauzá, as well as with Joan Ferriol, who make one of the best summer rice dishes.”

Originally started in 1984, it was organized by 32 fisherman of the local brotherhood or confraria, the event proved so popular that they needed more help, eventually the AVPP took it over in 1999. 

Gotmar: Job Done (13th July 2017 issue)

Councillors from Pollensa visited Gotmar this week to see the completed reform as the third phase is about to conclude. The first two phases took place in the last two political legislatures, meaning the whole process of reform in this urbanization has been overseen by three different legislatures.

This third phase included all underground infrastructure (lighting and sewerage), new pavements, the asphalting of streets and new LED streetlights. The finishing touches – the beautification of green areas – will take place in the autumn. With a cost of €843,800, the total investment in Gotmar is almost €2.5m.  

Aquatica - The Music Festival of the North

Music, water, sun and good vibes are the main reasons people get together once a year to celebrate life in Aquatica Music Festival. The people behind AMF are aiming for it to become the most international festival on Mallorcan ground, bringing people from all over the world to enjoy world class DJ acts, have fun, and feel that they are part of something bigger. In its third year, AMF keeps growing, and come July 22nd, will bring you “all the madness with new artists, new areas and a lot of amazing people!” For times etc, it's on the What's On Page. Click Here.