Local News (19th October 2017 issue)

The Ternelles Walk: Public or Private?


The March family of the Ternelles estate has reportedly passed the management of public visits to a private foundation. A statement released last week revealed that the Fundació Vida Silvestre de la Mediterrània (FVSM) will manage the public access to the estate from December. Until now this was carried out by the council of Pollensa. Reservations should now be made on the FVSM’s website. 

However, this appears to be news to the town’s Mayor who, after consulting the municipal legal services, told the press that the council should be in charge of the access; “The last ruling of the Supreme Court recognized the public road from Ternelles to the sea and ratified that the institution in charge of granting the authorizations to visit Ternelles is the City Council, which is the holder of the public service of the road,” he explained. The council is currently drafting the adaptation of the PGOU to the Natural Resources Management Plan (PORN) of the Serra de Tramuntana, one of the conditions set by the Supreme Court in the last hearing related to Ternelles. The council is also preparing a proposal to improve conditions of the Ternelles road, according to the mayor. 

For its part, the FVSM reached an agreement with the company that manages the Ternelles estate, and as of December 1 it will begin to organize free guided tours to the farm, with groups of up to 20 people that will be accompanied by a biologist and an environmental educator. The FVSM hopes that this initiative will serve to “encourage guided visits to other private farms” of the Serra de Tramuntana.

In a statement posted on Social Media, the council of Pollensa, has said that these guided tours should be separate to the free passage of Ternelles which should continue to be managed by the council. That the maximum number of people allowed is 20 and that the guided tours should not be compulsory. This story will continue...

Alcudia Wastewater Plant Funds

The High Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJB) has agreed that the Council of Alcúdia should be compensated by the Balearic Government with €4,790,585.13 for the cost of conservation, maintenance and operation of the municipal wastewater treatment plant in in the three-year period 2015-2017. The Government has already paid €4,112,630.85 and must now add €677,954.28 more.

Alcúdia, along with Palma, Manacor and Sant Llorenç, is one of the few municipalities in Mallorca that directly manages their town’s water treatment plant. Other municipalitiesdepend on the Agència Balear de l’Aigua i Qualitat Ambiental ( Abaqua), which in turn depends on the Conselleria de Medi Ambient.

The municipalities that directly manage their purifiers receive an annual compensation from the Balearic Government which in the case of Alcúdia is €1,370,876.95 per year. In 2015, the council requested that instead of extending the compensation applied in 2014 (from €1,370,876.95), it would be revised upwards to bring it into line with the actual cost of conservation, maintenance and operation of the facility. 

The Government dismissed the request, without looking into financial reports that justify costs, the TSJB took on the case and recently overturned the government’s decision. 

The mayor of Alcudia, Toni Mir, told press, “I am happy because justice is done, it is clear that the treatment plant expenses that have to be met. It is fair to pay what is spent.” 


Inheritance Accepted


The Consell de Mallorca and the Council of Pollensa signed before the notary last week, the official acceptance of the inheritance of Joan Zaforteza Serra de Gayeta; a two-storey building on Avinguda Jaume III in Palma. Located in one of the most commercial areas of the city, the property is valued at €710,215, and has been transferred to the council of Pollensa and the Consell with the condition that when they sell the property, all money made in the sale will be invested in the Home of the Elders of Palma and the residence of Santo Domingo in Pollensa. 


Braille Map Published


The Council of Alcudia has published its first map in braille, which will be available at the tourist offices of Alcudia. Presented by council officials last week, the map is part of the collection in Braille that is now available throughout the municipality.

Councillor for Tourism, Joan Gaspar Vallori presented the map which he said adds to thetown’s “Alcúdia para todos” project, an initiative that aims to make Alcudia one of the best tourist destinations with complete accessibility for people with disabilities.


Recycling News

After a working meeting between the Council of Alcudia and Ecovidrio, a non-profit organization, a project to promote glass recycling in the hospitality sector has been launched. Ecovidrio has conducted 98 surveys and interviews in Alcudia’s catering establishments and has delivered 79 small containers to facilitate the recycling of glass to the premises.

According to the organization, in 2016, Alcudia recycled an average of 52kg per resident, which is way above that of the Balearic average of 36kg per resident. This year they are aiming for 1 tonne of recycled glass and this new initiative will only add to the positive results.


Meanwhile, the council has delivered 25 recycling containers to Nuestra Señora de la Consolación school. Councillor for the Environment, Tomàs Adrover, explained that it is a matter of making recycling a habit for the children, who will have these multi-coloured bins, in their classrooms. 

New Tourism Website


Alcudia Town Hall has launched its new tourist information website with a fresh dynamic, modern and visual design backed up with no less than five languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, German and French with Swedish to be added in a couple of weeks). The launch was accompanied by new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

The tourism councillor, Joan Gaspar Vallori, presented the new tools that will feature culture, nature, heritage and gastronomy as well as suggested itineraries, routes, places of interest and events.


Funds raised for the Nuns

Officials in Alcúdia handed a cheque for €1,645.30 to the Agustinian Nuns of the Empar in a presentation last week. The funds were raised during the kitchen show at the Fira d’Alcudia at the end of last month. 

Sor Carmen Vargas of the Monges Agustinas del Empar thanked all the congregation and, in the name of the children of Peru who are in need, she also thanked the council of Alcúdia for the continuous support of the nuns.

Finally, Alcúdia Mayor Antoni Mir expressed his gratitude at the Ca ses Monges school, not only for their educational work, but also for the social work they offer.