Dentistas sobre Ruedas

Dentistas sobre Ruedas or Dentists on Wheels is an NGO dedicated to the improvement of dental health. This non-profit association is formed by dentists, health professionals and volunteers from different sectors, who have joined together with the main aim to organize and coordinate projects that contribute to improving general health, and oral health in particular, of those who do not have the sufficient resources to access decent healthcare services. Acting with humility and dedication to those more in need is a matter of “raising awareness in our lives, of moving from theory to practice to begin to build a better, more just world with our peers and for our planet.”

Their latest project, Project Adamo, is to return to the town of Missirah in Senegal. As they discovered in their trip last year, the “Health Post” is the only access to healthcare in the town. The nearest doctors surgery is in Sokone, 40km away. Working with the community nurse, this “Health Post” is where the DSR stays for one month to provide dental care. 

The group leaves at the end of the month, with another trip scheduled shortly after, and volunteers are asking for toothbrushes and toothpaste to take to give out to families especially children when they visit schools and communities to talk and educate about dental health. 

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The recent day of Associations in Pollensa was an eye-opener for how many charities and organizations there are in the north that help those in every kind of need. From domestic violence to alzheimers, from worker’s rights to child abuse. There were plenty of organizations some familiar and some not so well known. Of course, the Lions is one of the most accessible for English-speaking residents in the north, and getting to know the organizations who are in need is a great way to be part of the community. More information will be posted on the page so please do check it out and see how you can get involved.