News from Local Clubs ESRA and MusicMakers

MusicMakers Sing Something Simple, from Howard Mullen


Over the long hot summer, Musicmakers in Puerto Pollensa have continued singing and rehearsing. Two weeks ago they sang in the September Songs Concert in the Anglican Church in Palma.

After their April Concert of “Happy Songs” the theme of their Autumn Concert is Nostalgia and is based on the format and style of the BBC Radio 2 programme, “Sing Something Simple”. The programme was broadcast from 1959 on Sunday evenings and was very popular (there were not many TV’s about then.)

The programme featured a great diversity of relaxed, popular songs and ballads and the Musicmakers version of “Sing Something Simple” has a hint of Barbershop singing in it, with the sopranos singing the high tenor line and the altos singing the melody (for a change!).

In true Sing Something Simple style, very few songs are sung completely, so more songs than ever will be sung!

The Musicmakers Concerts take place at 7.30pm Wednesday 11th October in the Casa de Cultura in Alcudia and Friday 13th October in the Vecinos Rooms in Puerto Pollensa. Tickets are €5, which includes a drink, and are available from Musicmakers and on the door. All proceeds go to charity.

Once the concerts are over Musicmakers go into rehearsals for their Christmas Concerts on 13th and 15th December. 

ESRA North Invades Menorca, from Howard Mullen


Over the past year, one of the popular activities of ESRA North are the Walking Treasure Hunts of local towns in the North of Mallorca. It was decided to widen the range of these events and the next town to be selected was Ciutadella, the old capital of Menorca.

Last week 42 members of ESRA North took the ferry from Alcudia and on arriving in Menorca made their way to the centre of Ciutadella, where sheets containing the clues were distributed, and the treasure hunt was off!

The walk took participants through old parts of the City and through the shopping area. They were able to view the Cathedral and The Convent, and because it was National Visitors Day admission to local attractions was free.

After lunch and a walk to the harbour, it was time to return to the ferry for the journey home. 

At the following Thursday Club the award for the winners of the treasure hunt was made to Jan O’Hara by the Chair of ESRA North, Chris Maynard, and members thanked Brian Lowndes and Chris and Bob Maynard for all their hard work that had made the Treasure Hunt such a success.