Project Posidonia

Image courtesy of Rafael medina, flickr,com

The Posidonia meadows of the Bay of Pollensa are assured a brighter future after the Balearic Government and the Red Eléctrica signed their development project, named “The Marine Forest”, which will allow the recovery of two hectares of posidonia meadows They are currently in a state of degradation near Punta Avançada.

This unprecedented initiative in the Mediterranean aims to be a living laboratory for marine biologists to explore the slow-growing plant, which is so important for the ecosystem of the entire Mediterranean and whose population has decreased between 5-20% in the last century. 

The area where the posidonia plantation will be carried out will be marked to avoid anchorage and the scientists will be in charge of evaluating the survival and growth of the posidonia specimens, the recovery of the general ecosystem as well as the CO2 emissions.

For more information on Posidonia Meadows in the Balearics, see this video by Mission Blue