Local News (7th December 2017)

Twin Boys Campaign

Back in September, many picked up on a blog post that appeared on Facebook. In it we read the touching story of twin boys with severe autism and how their family holiday to Puerto Pollensa was such a success, “the boys were happier than at any other time.” The effort it took to get through the week without hitch was clear and the love and support these parents give their boys is truly heartwarming. 

The struggle is real though, the behavioural programmes that teach the boys crucial life skills are not publicly funded in Scotland and must therefore be self-financed by families. So the family is running their Christmas auction to raise funds to go towards the boys development and perhaps even a return trip to Puerto Pollensa. 

To read more about the story and get involved in the Christmas auction visit www.benandfinlay.blogspot.com. 


New Carpark for Pollensa

The extraordinary plenary session last week in Pollensa approved the acquisition of the site l’Hort del Puig, also known as Can Bach, for about €510,000. The government team (Junts Avançam and UMP) and Alternativa supported the move but abstentions came from Tots per Pollensa and Marti Roca who are very critical of the operation.

The area is almost 8,000sqm and has been used as a carpark for the last 30 years, during which time the council have rented it for €12,000 per year. The carpark will continue as such with some 700 available spaces, compensating for the loss of Can Conill as this becomes the new PAC.

Interestingly, the opposition hinted that the plot could have been used to build the PAC while keeping Can Conill as a carpark.


Foamy Waters in Son Serra

Beachwalkers in Son Serra Marina had a shock last weekend when they were greeted by a long layer of thick white foam along the shoreline through Son Real and on to Can Picafort. Many assumed it was some kind of pollution but environmental experts say this is a natural phenomenon that occurs often when storms, such as the one last week, hit the island. 

Apparently the foam “usually occurs when there is a high concentration of organic matter dissolved in the sea, composed mainly of proteins and lipids, which the waves stir… it is due to natural causes, possibly due to the bloom of algae.” Natural or not the image is quite alarming and even for those used to seeing the foam, few had seen as much as this. 


Alcudiamar’s Clean Water Plans

Alcudiamar will invest €750,000 to install pollution detection systems that range from recirculating water from the port to deal with any unexpected spillage allowing suction devices to remove the floating debris, to a network of oxygenation equipment to improve the quality of the water. A small buoy powered by solar power will monitor the quality of the water. 

The installation of these new and leading environmental systems together mean an investment of €750,000.


Vinyeta del Pont Roma Vote Open

The council of Pollensa has opened voting to decide the future of the municipal plot of the Vinyeta del Pont Romà. Residents can choose between three urban proposals. Provided you are registered at the council and are over 16 years old, you can vote at the Townhall or on the website (ajpollenca.net). Voting closes on 10th December. The three options are: a rest area with playground and closed area with almond trees to walk the dogs, a carpark, and a recreational space with children’s area. 


Shop Local Campaign

Officials from the Consell de Mallorca together with the mayor of Inca presented the “Regala Mallorca” campaign last week to promote the idea of Christmas/Kings shopping from local businesses on the island. Recognizing that traditional commerce is an essential activity to give life to our towns and neighbourhoods, the campaign is a reminder that Mallorca has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. The main focus of the campaign will be on advertising campaigns in the media and through social media messaging. It is also part of the ‘Plan of Commerce’ initiative which is bringing €7m to local councils who can invest in their town centres, beautifying the areas, to bring shoppers back to the local streets. 

Opposition to Macro-Centre

The main opposition group in the municipality of Santa Margalida, Suma pel Canvi (PSOE and Independents), announced today that it will present allegations against the “commercial macro-centre” that could be built in Can Picafort after a plenary held last week. The project is for a new commercial plot of 39,000sqm. The government team has just classified the area a new commercial zone which is made up of almost four hectares and occupies a pine forest behind Can Picafort.

The opposition describes it as “totally disproportionate” and will ultimately be a serious threat for small traders in the town. Suma pel Canvi continued saying, “it is necessary to support small businesses and the destruction of a pine forest for the creation of a commercial macro-centre of this magnitude is totally disproportionate.” The party will present their case during the public presentation of the project .


Law on Public Paths and Hikes

The latest development on last year’s programme for cataloguing pathways saw five more towns register for assistance. One of them included Buger. In total, 13 municipalities have requested the help of the Consell de Mallorca to prepare their catalogue of footpaths. The Department of Environment will carry out the work, will collect information on the current state of each one of the paths work with the local councils to get the path officially logged and accessible.