Local News (13th July 2017 issue)

New Social Welfare Office

Pollensa’s new Social Welfare office, that was handed to the council by the Colonya Caixa Savings Bank, held its official opening last week. Located on Calle Cecili Metel, Colonya transferred the property to the council so that it could carry out activities in the area for children and young people as well as groups at risk of social exclusion. 

Although it was officially inaugurated on Thursday, the premises, which offer 75sqm of space, has been providing a service since the beginning of the year. It will also be available for conferences, course and workshops held by the council. At the opening, the mayor, Miquel Àngel March, told attendees of his satisfaction with the local activity since its opening and thanked Colonya for the transfer of the space that will contribute to improving and increasing social services in Pollensa.


Blue Flags in the North

Alcudiamar, the port of Alcúdia, hoisted its 21st consecutive blue flag this week in front of town officials, Mayor Antoni Mir and CEO of Alcudiamar, Bartomeu Bestard. 

Puerto Pollensa was awarded three of the possible four, with work already underway for Tamarells to recover it.

The blue flag is a public recognition that rewards the effort and work done in maintaining a high standard on the beach and quality of the swimming water. It acknowledges environmental management as well as a high service of cleaning and security for people using the beach. This season alone has seen new accessibility projects launched, new bathrooms, improved cleaning services and more improvement on beaches across the north.


Santa Margalida Factory

Opposition party in Santa Margalida, Suma has criticized the “improvization” of the Town Hall in Santa Margalida concerning the old Can Feliciano factory, which is widely known to be in danger of falling into a state of ruin. 

In January this year, the mayor called a meeting where he indicated that there were complaints from neighbours about the state of the factory and that an execution order would be drafted to clean it. Suma say however, that, “It was not until a fire broke out on May 21, which was fortunately quickly extinguished, that the Government agreed to an execution order to clean the lot the next day... That is to say, if it had not caught fire we would still wait. This is an order that is already late and clearly motivated by the fire that could have been avoided.” 

Further, as the site needs continuous maintenance to avoid further deterioration, Suma stated that “We would like the mayor to take steps to acquire the old factory and devote it to social uses.”  


Plenary in Pollensa

The town council of Pollensa held an extraordinary meeting last week with the sole objective of approving a list of extrajudicial invoices for work carried out during previous years, including the last legislature. The receipts were not approved in the last plenary by a vote against from the parties on the right.

The councillor for Tourism, Trade, Fairs and Markets, Iliana Capllonch (PSOE), formalized her resignation at the meeting, a decision made due to “personal reasons.” The outgoing councillor thanked her colleagues for their “support and collaboration”. She is replaced by Bernat López (PSOE).


Sa Bassa Blanca to be Nominated

The Museum of Sa Bassa Blanca in Alcudia, featured in TOTN some weeks ago, is to be nominated for the regional tourism awards: Premis de Turisme de les Illes Balears. The nomination was unanimously approved for the Premis de Turisme category and the Tourist Experience category.  We told you it was a good day out!


‘Centers Oberts’ a Success

A total of 239 students participated during the last school year in the programme ‘Centers oberts a Pollença’, which began four years ago with the aim of boosting school spaces outside of school hours. In Pollensa, the initiative was carried out in CEIP Joan Mas, where an average of 25 young people per day took part, while in the Port, CEIP Miquel Capllonch was used with an average participation of 60 young people.



New Street lights in Pollensa

Pollensa Townhall is carrying out the renovation project of high efficiency public lighting. The work, which the council say is progressing at a good pace, are financed with a subsidy of nearly half a million euros from the Department of Cooperation of the Consell de Mallorca. The work involves removing old an obsolete material and replacing it with LED lights in different urbanizations throughout the town.


Formentor Parking

High season is upon us which means the beaches are getting more and more packed. At Formentor this means more problems than just finding your square metre of sand. Parking. It is available but it comes at a cost. At €2.40 per hour, this is nothing compared with Gatwick Airport but here in Mallorca, where access to the beach is a legal right, it’s a bit steep. For a full day, or over 5 hours, the charge is €12 and it’s making people very cross. What do you think? 


Demolition Doom

The Territorial Defense Agency has reported the demolition of a chalet in Pollensa that was built without a license in a rustic area of maximum protection. It’s not the first this year and perhaps not the last. After years of illegality, they mean business and are clamping down. 


Sunbed Corruption?

The concessionaire of the Son Bauló beach has been charged of irregular charging. The municipality of Santa Margalida has opened a file against the company that runs the beds and brollies on the beach of Son Bauló (Can Picafort) because of irregular charges denounced last Saturday by the coalition Suma pel Canvi, who, following the warning of a tourist entrepreneur, revealed that the company charged 0.50 euros more than was stipulated in the municipal contract. The company could be fined €450 and obliged to return the irregular charges to customers who request it.

On the other Suma argue that the fine is not enough, that not many holiday-makers will bother to apply for their 50c refund and that instead the amount overcharged should be tallied up and put to public use.


Accessibility in Alcudia

Alcudia is to invest €50,000 euros in various projects to remove architectural barriers and improve universal accessibility in public spaces in the Old Town, the town centre of Puerto Alcudia, as well as the beaches and public buildings. The plan, that fits in the framework of the tourism programme ‘Alcúdia per a tots’, aims to promote the municipality as a destination for people with mobility problems. Councillor Jean Gaspard Vallori told press that the tourism project has already led to training days in which 70 people took part. He also took the opportunity to present the App that acts as a tourist guide is also available for deaf and blind people and is available in six languages.

Pere Muñoz, director of the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency, said that Alcudia’s initiative is “pioneering” in terms of accessibility and pointed out that the removal of barriers should be seen as an “investment”.


Tension in Muro

The council of Muro has launched a process for citizens to denounce cases of illegal rent in the coastal area of Casetes de Capellans. Mayor Marti Fornes presented the idea at the council meeting that citizens who know of irregular renting in the neighbourhood can use the Linia Verda platform, which is widely used on the island as a form of communication between Councils and citizens. 

When the council is made aware of such cases, action will be taken and, Fornés said, the Council will “open files” on the owners of the any bungalow involved in the irregularities and will consider the possibility of withdrawing the entitlement.

The Capellans issue was one of the most debated in the plenary meeting, along with another controversial issue – the Escoleta in the public building. Tension was so high, that the mayor expelled Miquel Àngel Tortell of the Més per Muro party. 

Using their Facebook page the next day, Mes per Muro accused the mayor of being “incapable” of directing the plenary sessions and of having a “special resentment” towards the Més councillors whom he “attacks with personal questions” and “does not respond to questions”. The coalition claims that Tortell was expelled with the “excuse” that he spoke when he shouldn’t have, a common practice in plenary. 

Fire in Alcudia

On Monday afternoon, fire-fighters were called to a fire in Alcúdia quickly stabilized the situation. The Ibanat reported the incident via its Twitter account that around 4pm a fire was recorded in an agricultural area of the town. 

Putting out the fire meant coordinating no fewer than two airplanes, a helicopter, two fire engines and two fire-fighting teams. The fire hit a shrub area, but was quickly controlled and didn’t spread.


Alcudia Lottery Win

The first prize of the National Lottery last weekend fell into the hands of one lucky ticket holder in Alcúdia. S/he won a whopping €1,000,000 after buying the ticket in Paseo de la Victoria, 6.


Robber Busted in Alcudia

A man arrested last week is a suspected burglar of no less than 50 robberies in houses located along the beach in Puerto Alcudia intended for holiday rental. The victims of all these robberies were foreign tourists, who when the crimes were committed, were outside the house.

The Guardia Civil caught the crook after placing a surveillance device in the area, and then located where he stored the stolen material. The arrest uncovered a multitude of audio and visual equipment, phones, sunglasses, branded clothing, televisions, watches, jewellery, which are being returned to their legitimate owners, most of them foreigners.