Local News (27th July 2017 issue)

The Road to Lluc

The Consell de Mallorca has taken measures to fully open the road between Pollensa and Lluc that passes through the estate of Ca na Borrassa, owned by the family of the town’s ex-Mayor Tomeu Cifre Ochogavia (leader of the Tots per Pollença party).  Officers from the Environment department have carried out measures that guarantee the safety of members of the public and the Consell will spend two weeks refurbishing the road and removing the closure that is currently in place. 

Back in March 2012, there was a declaration that the old road from Lluc to Pollença would become a public road and its reform was agreed on. The owners of the estate appealed but since 2016, the property has been required to remove the barriers that prevented the free passage. After expiry of the request for the owner to withdraw the closure, the Consell has acted instead under articles 97 to 100 of Law 30/1992. Now they can guarantee the safety of visitors and have fenced off the pathway as the property has loose cattle. Initially it was to be the estate owners who were to pay for the work, but later a statement said it was still “unclear”. 

No i Punt

The summer celebrations in Inca, the Roman festival of Alcúdia and the fiestas of Santa Margalida and Pollensa have all joined the campaign ‘No i punt!’ which means, No and that’s it. The aim is to eradicate sexist aggression during celebrations.

The Consell, groups of volunteers, Local Police, Civil Protection, youth and women’s associations and municipal personnel have taken part in training days held by the Espais de Donos de Inca and sa Pobla. Newly trained on how to deal with each kind of situation, these agents will work during the fiestas and take relevant action according to the severity of the case. 


Cement Works in Alcudia’s Port

The Autoritat Portuària de Balears is considering authorizing the construction of a storage and distribution centre for 2,154sqm of cement with three 18-m-high silos in the commercial port of Alcudia.

Unlike what happened with the bid for reform and operation of the first line of the Port (stopped by a judge), this project meets all the urban parameters and of uses foreseen in a Special Order Plan that allows the use of storage and offices, including silos of up to 30 metres in height. 

Nevertheless, the technicians at the Council of Alcudia consider that the measures contained in the environmental plan are ‘insufficient’ at minimizing the impact on the landscape of the new installation. Further, they wish to avoid its operation which would cause great annoyance from air pollution and noise pollution. The council wish to expand this study and obtain a favourable report from the Environment Department.

In the meantime, the local community is getting active. A group of residents of Puerto Alcudia gathered at noon yesterday at the maritime station, brought together by the platform Salvem el Moll, to denounce the “continuous environmental aggressions” suffered by the coastal town.

The protest was organized to express the local rejection of the plant, one that, according to the platform, will have a great environmental impact in an area that already suffers other pressures such as the transport of coal, the existence of an “unlicensed” warehouse or the future expansion of the marina of Alcudiamar, among others. “We do not want to be the landfill of Mallorca,” said the spokesman, Josep Alonso, who announced upcoming mobilizations to defend the port from these threats. 


Shrinking Beaches

The beaches of Sant Pere and Sant Joan, situated in two small coves of Alcúdia in the bay of Pollensa, are in a bad way after years of erosion. Sant Pere, especially has been subject to so much erosion that large rocks are now exposed. The beach itself has receded so much that now it is just a small strip where the beach bar places a sunbeds and umbrellas, there are only a few metres of free sand between them and the water. Access to the beach is also complicated because the water has undermined the steps.

Domingo Bonnín, the council official responsible for beaches says that “this year we can’t do much more, we have worked to replace the sand as much as possible, but we could not regenerate with less than 50 or 60 trucks of sand which is what we need.” The council will wait until next year before requesting the intervention of Costas if necessary.

On the other hand, sources at Alcudiamar point out that this year there is also a lack of sand on the beach located next to the marina. “Other years we have paid for a truckload of sand, but this year Costas has not authorized it,” says a manager. Nevertheless, Bonnín points out that “the municipal operators always try to replace the sand of the main beach”.


Can Morató Investment

Authorities in the Pollensa Townhall have stated that, in recent weeks, everal investors have expressed their intention to acquire the old carpet factory of Can Morató whenever a different use is authorized. At the moment the building is marked as industrial.  

This was confirmed last week by Mayor March, who explained that they have received different queries that pose a hotel or cultural use. However, March made it clear that the definition of use is in the hands of the Consell de Mallorca. “the last word is with the Consell de Mallorca, but for us the priority is the conservation of the building,” he said.

March explained that the factory is on sale for €2.3m. The Morató family, owner of the property, tried unsuccessfully on different occasions during the last decade for the council to buy the complex. 

The mayor believes that the recent cleaning of the gardens and façade may have contributed to investment interest. “We would like it to be rehabilitated and given a dignified use, preferably a use that allows people to enjoy it,” says the Councillor of Urbanism, Bartomeu Cifre.