Giant Paella in Puerto Pollensa

Last week, the Neighborhood Association of the Puerto Pollensa (AVPP) served a giant paella for the community, a total of 900 people attended. They used the occasion to deliver the €900 cheque to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), that was raised at the V Marinera Race at the beginning of July. The runners contributed €1 euro at registration. 

“120kg of bomba rice, 75kg of fish, 40kg of gerret [local fish], 60kg of mussels, 40kg of prawns, 60kg of monkfish, with the spinach and the head we make the broth and we put in the rice. We made rice for 900 people but it is a unique dish and many came back for more.” José Manuel Pareja, who, along with Andreu Ramon Pérez de Rada, was in charge of organizing the meal that is served every August by the members of the association.

The lunch was held in the Plaza Joan Cerdà, in front of the universal access centre AVPP has built on the Tamarells beach. “The Arrosada is possible thanks to the work of some fifty people,” says Pareja, “Also because among us are elite cooks, Llorenç Cerdà Nadal `Picarol’ and Sebastià Torrens Bauzá, as well as with Joan Ferriol, who make one of the best summer rice dishes.”

Originally started in 1984, it was organized by 32 fisherman of the local brotherhood or confraria, the event proved so popular that they needed more help, eventually the AVPP took it over in 1999.