Local News (24th August 2017 issue)

Council Kennels in Pollensa

The Council of Pollensa has approved the drafting of a study that will clarify the feasibility of creating a municipal kennel in the town. At the moment the service is contracted with an external company and the animals are taken to Santa Eugènia. This distance, they explain, causes displacement of both the animals as well as the owners and potential new owners. For this reason, and in fulfilment of one of the commitments of the current government team, a study has been commissioned to analyze the feasibility of this infrastructure from the urban, economic and social point of view.

Road Safety Investigation

The PP in the Consell de Mallorca is requesting a technical inspection on the most troublesome sections of the road that links Alcúdia and Artà after a fatal accident occurred last Tuesday.

The party added that “in August last year there was another fatal accident in this same point, the most serious recorded in Mallorca since 1997, in which four members of the same family died.”

Salvem el Moll Activity

The Salvem el Moll platform has presented a new complaint to the Alcúdia Town Hall, the General Energy Directorate, the General Directorate of Environmental Quality and the Port Authority, for the “irregular activity of loading and unloading of coal In the Port of Alcúdia” and requests that they take precautionary measures so that the activity complies with the legislation regarding air pollution.

“Emissions from loading and unloading adversely affects the neighbourhoods of Alcanada and the immediate environment”, says the organization that also denounces the effects on marine life. They have demanded that any loading and unloading of coal be done under closed conditions that guarantee any contaminating dust is contained.

At a meeting with the President of the Port Authority, Joan Gual de Torrella, members of the Salvem el Moll and the GOB, Salvem el Moll said “Gual committed (after years of tolerance and ignoring the issue) to inspections of the activities of loading and unloading of coal and scrap deposit, which are carried out without the necessary corrective measures.”

Fisherman Face Off

Fishermen from Alcudia and Cala Rajada came to blows between Formentor and Cala San Vicente last week after the Alcudia boat accused the latter of interfering with their lobster fishing grounds and breaking nets.

Fisherman of ‘Vistalegre’, based in Puerto Alcudia, noticed the trawler ‘Myriag’ based in Cala Rajada, was in the area near Cala San Vicente and, according to them, fearing that the boat would enter their patch where their nets were down to catch lobsters, they decided to stop them. Apparently this is not the first time fisherman have fallen out, one fisherman told press, “in the absence of the authorities, we have to take it into our own hands.”

The crew from the other fishing boat, Myri, presented a complaint to the Civil Guard for “an attempt to aggressively tackle the crew of their boat and their rigging.”

The conflict began after shortages in the Menorcan channel pushed fishing boats further towards Cala San Vicente which is out of bounds in the summer season. However the Cala Rajada trawler claims they have found plenty of fish in the Coves Blanques area, in the direction of Soller, away from the marine reserve. They believe others are envious of their find. 

Pollensa Urbanism

The Public Prosecutor’s Office investigation on urban infringement cases since 2004 in Pollensa was a long drawn out process that crippled the town’s municipal services. Now the Urbanism Department has reactivated the processing of infringement records.

However, this is not without problems. The investigations, even though they relate to old files, meant that no official is willing to perform the task and none are actually obliged to. They argue that it is conflictive and there is no remuneration, in spite of the greater responsibility. The council have confirmed that the processing of the files has not stopped; they will provisionally exercise the role of instructor, until this specific role can be created. Councillor of Urbanism Tomeu Cifre told press that, “the files will continue to be processed with the utmost rigour, without any interference, with the corresponding technical reports and by an administrative official.”

Alcudia’s Budget Increased

The extraordinary plenary session in Alcudia two weeks ago unanimously approved the proposal to modify the municipal budget for an extraordinary loan financed with general remnants of Treasury. This change amounts to €1.97m.

The point was approved unanimously and the amount will be used to defray the cost of investments, among which work on the Town Hall building amounting to €710,573; reform of a section of the path on the beach amounting to €382,913; the asphalting and repair of streets and sidewalks, €349,352; asphalting of certain roads, €250,000, among others.

Works come to an Abrupt End

The excavation and restoration work on the oldest section of Alcudia’s walls have been stopped as the construction company, which could not fulfil a Social Security debt, has gone bankrupt. 

Antoni Mir, mayor of Alcúdia, estimates that 30% of the work is still to be carried out and municipal technicians are now working on the valuation to tender the remaining part of the project. This will result in a delay of approximately one year and the work should be finished in April or May next year.
The project focuses on the second ring of city walls. Renaissance walls and ditches from the 16th century.

Spain’s Most Expensive House

The online sales platform idealista.com has recently listed a ranking and, it may come as no surprise to hear, the most expensive houses in the country are in Mallorca.

Indeed, Alcúdia is home to the most expensive, no less than €57m. A farmhouse in Puigpunyent, described as “a building of the seventeenth century in perfect state of conservation, 3,000 square meters and ten rooms” is the third most expensive in Spain, second in Mallorca, at the modest price of €26.5m, and in Puerto Andratx, a farm in Sa Muntanya is for sale at €24.5m. 

Furthermore, price per square metre is still trading upwards for anything, regardless if it is a flat in need of renovation or a luxury house, the price is still rising.  

It’s not all good news for the estate agents however, demand is outstripping supply. Both Engel & Volkers and Sotheby’s have told press that they have more customers interested in buying luxury homes than those wishing to sell.

Fakes in Markets Shock

More than 1,700 counterfeit articles have been seized from markets of Inca and Alcudia. The National Police has found imitation handbags and wallets of brands like Michael Kors, Channel, Luis Vuitton, among others

About 1,200 items apparently falsified were picked up in the market of Inca and another 500 last week in Alcudia during records made by the National Police. The Anti-Laundering Group from the Brigada Provincial de la Policía Judicial supported by the Brigada de Seguridad Ciudadana held the raids and subsequent seizures last week.

Power Station Doubts

The reconversion project of the former Alcanada power plant in Alcúdia has come to a standstill. Following a major accident in a factory in Italy in the 1970s, European security regulations limit the amount of people who may be within a safety radius of factories. It seems that the butane present at the Alcanada plant will prevent any concentration of large groups of people in much of the complex that Territori wants to recover.

Emergency technicians are assessing the extent to which the European directive affects the old Alcanada plant. Some sources also point out that it could limit the public use of the old pool of Gesa (in the Port), now a municipal swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Territori, Endesa and Ajuntament d’Alcúdia are still waiting for Patrimoni to officially communicate the degree of protection that the old power station deserves and what measures need to be taken with toxic materials, mainly asbestos. The old Power Station could possibly be of Cultural Interest as it was the work of architect Ramón Vázquez Molezún, who won the Gold Medal of Architecture in 1992.

Road Tragedy

As TOTN was off to print, news of a terrible crash on the autopista between Sa Pobla and Alcudia broke. Three people were killed and five seriously injured. The lorry driver, who was found to be driving on the wrong side of the road was arrested and charged with causing death by reckless driving.  The accident happened at 10.15 in the morning just outside the Son Siurana hotel. Fire brigades, five ambulances and a specialist team were at the scene with the resulting road closure causing traffic delays in the area.