Tourism Woes Post Barcelona

image courtesy of Anders Fagerjord,

image courtesy of Anders Fagerjord,

European travel agents, operators and tour groups have received requests from British, German and Scandinavian families to cancel their holiday in Spain, including the Balearics, for this second fortnight of August and September for safety reasons.

On Monday, a Government Delegation confirmed that “we are in a situation of maximum alert, following the recommendations of the committee of experts in the matter against the terrorism.”

The same sources pointed out that instructions had been given for the National Police and the Guardia Civil to be in contact with the local police of the main tourist halls of the Islands: “The objective is that there be collaboration between police forces and administrations, to determine the possible reinforcements that should be adopted to maximize security. The measures are being applied within the current policy to prevent terrorist attacks throughout the country. The measure is in place in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The same is happening in the rest of Spanish tourist resorts.”

Politcal Party, the UMP (Unió Mollera Pollencina) used the news to urge the town to rectify all the problems we have crossed this summer. From a housing shortage to road access to popular sites, from excessive consumption of natural resources toabuse of protected areas.  “All that must now be added to the fear of our shores being the target of the soulless terrorists. That last factor, the fear, we have not provoked, but we are responsible for the rest. Now it’s time to rectify.”