Local News (21st September 2017 issue)

Wastewater Plant Debate

The GOB has sided with the council of Santa Margalida in rejecting Government plans for the new water purifier in Can Picafort. In a statement, the environmental organization called to resume the dialogue between the local council and Government for a new solution, claiming that the real victim in the current agreement is the environment. The problem is the wastewater of Can Picafort and Play de Muro (which is sent to the treatment plant, located partially inside the Albufera) cannot handle the amount of waste which creates frequents spills. The proposed solution is a new sewage treatment plant in Can Picafort with an marine outfall. The municipality of Santa Margalida has opposed the plans and now the GOB has joined them, calling for the “elimination of the planned outfall… We believe that new purification facilities should no longer be allowed to enter the sea, which has obvious risks… the Bay of Alcúdia is part of the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas by virtue of its posidonia meadows.”

Walking Group Protest

The Pro-Camins Público i Oberts organization publicly criticized the problems that continue to exist on the path between Puerto Pollensa and Cala Carbó (Cala Sant Vicenç) by the Coll de Síller, a route they state, is documented as public.

During their series of protest walks, the group claimed problems of passage still remain in this particular path as well as other routes that are considered public.

The platform claims that a “clear walk” between the Port and Cala Sant Vicenç is possible, as well as a solution for the stretches of the old Lluc road that are not yet passable. It also requires the “free passage” through Ternelles and to conclude the problems of passage through the roads included in the municipal inventory.

A Step Forward in the Cabling Dilemma

As reported in TOTN a while ago the laying of a new high voltage electric cable has caused much debate as it would be within walking distance of the Norai public school, the municipal escoleta and the health centre of Alcudia; it provoked a great social alarm. For this reason, alternative routes that took the cable away from the urban centre were investigated but were discarded due to the high cost of €2.5 that was to be paid for by the Town Council. Now, the Government has authorized the definitive route that runs in a straight line from Calle Teodor Canet to Plaza de la Quarentena which is land owned by the Port Authority. 

This has resulted in three-way negotiations between the council, Red Electrica and the Port Authority. Discussions were based on how they would work together and the annual fee for using Port Authority land. After negotiating, it appears that the three parties will cooperate so that the fees can be avoided. Either way, Mayor Mir has said that “it is preferable” to pay €1,950 a year in fees rather than laying the cable near schools and a health centre, because of the associated health risks of the high voltage. The mayor also added that the work must begin before December 31st or the promotor could lose its EU subsidies. 

Fira d’Alcudia

The Mayor of Alcudia, Antoni Mir, and the Councillor for Fairs and Markets, Catalina Juan Pericàs, presented the poster for the 29th edition of the Alcudia Fair that will be held on the 29th and 30th September and 1st October.

This year there will be for the first time a Roman Market on the cami de Ronda. The Councillor for fairs and markets, Catalina Juan Pericàs, presented a whole series of activities, workshops, shows, gastronomic shows, crafts, as well as tents with companies, shops and products of the Islands. For full itinerary see the What’s On page and www.TOTNMallorca.com/whats-on.

Francoist Plaque to Go

An extraordinary plenary session held last week in Alcudia approved the proposal submitted by the centre-left government team for the withdrawal of a Francoist plaque that is located on the road of the Cap des Pinar.

The commemorative plaque, placed in 1939 (the “Year of the Victory”, according to the inscription) is dedicated to the battalion of engineers of Mallorca. Its elimination is a consequence of the application of the Law of Historical Memory. Heritage experts have ruled out that the plaque has some historical or artistic value, so the monument will be disassembled and, if it is in good condition, kept in an archive.

All groups with municipal representation have the proposal that complies with the exception of the PP, which preferred to abstain without giving any argument to justify the meaning of their vote.

GOB Latest to Denounce Cement Plant

The environmental group GOB has expressed its rejection of the cement storage and distribution centre planned by the Port Authority (APB) in Puerto Alcudia, calling it unjustified. According to the green organization, the need, opportunity and convenience of the construction of three cement silos, as a storage and distribution centre, is not justified, and it is also not guaranteed that loading, unloading, storage and transport operations won’t have an effect on the environment. The GOB recalled that the port of Alcúdia is located in a “sensitive area” and classified as a Place of Community Importance, LIC.
In addition, they claim other factors that are doubt such as the area they need, the successful tender under Transpulve 2009, and the tendering system itself.