One Voice Post-Brexit


A recent article from the Citizens Advice Spain came with a call to action. While the EU and the UK are negotiating residency rights, the organization has been trying to strike some dialogue with no response from the British side. In contrast, the Citizens Advice Spain does have contact with the Brexit negotiating team in Brussels who have responded to all their emails.

Concerns are with the principle of reciprocity and the insistence from the UK that EU nationals have to apply for ‘settled status’. We would be obliged to do this in Spain even though we have premanent residence status after 5 years, or 3 if we work here. Citizens Advice Spain is sending an open letter to let our voices be heard on the matter.

Remainer or Brexiteer alike, it’s important we have a voice and while the small team at Citizens Advice Spain “work daily with the Spanish Royal Decrees and European Directives… if anyone has the finger on the pulse on how residency, healthcare, pensions and all the other aspects of UK nationals living in Spain it is [them]."

To add your name to the letter see the recent news article on or click here.