Watchtowers to Light Up for Human Rights


More than thirty towers and watchtowers will light up this Saturday (13th) for the second edition of “Talaies de Mallorca: Towers for defence of human rights”. The towers, which formed the island’s first line of defence and warning system in years gone by, will become visible once again claiming the region’s rich heritage while highlighting the issue of human rights in the midst of the refugee crisis. The lighting of the towers with smoke and light signals will be from 1pm to 6.15pm.

The buildings to make up the momentous event are defence towers, watchtowers, castles and other monuments in different municipalities of the island. The list of participating heritage buildings has grown each day and this, the second year running, is looking to become quite an occasion.    


The Consell de Mallorca are heavily involved with this year’s event as the Minister for Culture, Francesc Miralles, told press, “We are at the forefront of the organization of this second event because it is a way to reinforce our commitment to the dignity of human rights and the denunciation of the crisis of the refugees… It is also an opportunity to maintain the coastal heritage that, after years of abandonment, needs firm action.” The Heritage Committee have recently restored four towers, one of which is the Alcudia Tower. 

The project is in the hands of a group of Professors from the IES Marratxí and members of the Balearic Society of Mathematics. Martí Mayol, the group’s spokesman, commented “it was a project initiated by a small group of people which could never have happened without an extraordinary participation of different people. We had a group of forty or fifty and in the end we were more than one thousand.”

Carlos Martín, of Amnesty International, referred to a “crisis of values” stating that “the situation of refugees in the Mediterranean is increasingly desperate. I thank the Council for having taken the testimony of this project for all the values that it brings together. It demonstrates the involvement and commitment of the Consell.”

  The lighting will begin at the Torre de na Pòpia, in Sa Dragonera. The list of participating towers and watchtowers is still open as we go to print so there could be more. 

For more information visit From Wednesday 10th, the smoke and light signals that will be used are available in Alcudia Town Hall.