Alcudia Townhall: Waste Collection Improvement

The Council of Alcúdia has initiated a process to decide on a new waste collection and management model, which responds to current needs while respecting the environment. In order to find the most efficient and effective waste prevention plan, EMSA is working with various municipal departments.

The plan includes several meetings with the hotel sector, the restaurant sector, the small commerce, and with the neighbourhood associations so they can represent their sector and contribute their opinions. The council will be able to consider the actual situation while putting together their plan to improve the waste collection of the municipality.

Meetings are as follows:

Hotel Sector: Monday 22nd October, 12pm, at the Headquarters of the Hotel Association of Alcudia

Commerciants: Monday 22nd October, 8pm, at the Sala de Plens at the Townhall

Neighbourhood Association of Alcudia: Tuesday 23rd October, 7pm at the Casa de Cultural

Restaurant Sector: Wednesday 24th October, 6.30pm, at the Seu de Moll

Neighbourhood Association of Puerto Alcudia: Wednesday 24th October, 7.30pm, at the Seu de Moll