Inca's Dijous Bo Fairs Begins


The first of the Inca fairs, which take place before the Dijous Bo, was held yesterday - Sunday 21st October. It followed the theme of la Terra - the Earth - flowers and plants were the main players. A display from the security forces was also a huge part of the day’s agenda.

The Calle Major and Calle Comerç were full of florists and nurseries who gave a splendid colour to the party. One stand-out stall was of the carnivorous plants from Montse Nicolau.

In the covered market were handicrafts from the Workers' Union La Paz, one of the oldest entities of Inca, which already has 105 years of antiquity and that brings together artisans and antique dealers.

Calle Jaume Armengol was occupied by the local schools who sold their products to raise funds for their different study trips, also along this street were different activities and games for children.

The Plaza de España featured a sample of crafts made with recycled materials, as well as a large number of outdoor shows. The cellars and restaurants were full throughout the day.

Dijous Bo 2018

There are three Sunday fairs, with plenty of activities and exhibitions in between, before the main event day on 15th November.